18 August 2014

Memebox (미미박스) My 100th Memebox!!!! + New arrivals and jackpot!!

memebox Superbox #59 Halloween Special 미미박스 Commercial VIP discount sale
This is my 100th Memebox!!
For a while now I was waiting for the perfect Memebox to make it my 100th . I was already thinking of it when I had 93 boxes. The 100th box needs to be special and YES this box is special to me. I love Halloween!! (Pumpkins!, autumn, food, cozy & spooky, makeup etc!) Also this box is a new arrival btw ;) there is also another one, curious?..

memebox Superbox #59 Halloween Special 미미박스 Commercial VIP discount sale
Superbox #59 Halloween Special
This Halloween, your possibilities are endless with a chock-full of spooky makeup ideas! No need to drop loads of cash on costumes you’ll only wear once a year, just grab this Halloween Special box, loaded with fun and crafty makeup ideas that are fit for any Halloween occasion! Whether you plan on being a sexy vamp, a pretty pixie, or just sport your trusty ol’ witch hat for the night, these do-able Halloween makeup ideas will compliment any costume and also be sure to get you a double-take! 

memebox Memebox Special #40 Head-To-Toe 미미박스 Commercial VIP discount sale
Memebox Special #40 Head-To-Toe
Why not treat yourself with our Head-to-Toe Box! Pamper yourself from head-to-toe with this collection of Memebox must-have beautifying goodies! This handy beauty box will do everything from repairing damaged hair to nourishing dry and aching feet, plus everything in between, for a newer, better you! These time-tested Memebox favorites will get you from blah to fab in a flash!

memebox Memebox Special #40 Head-To-Toe Superbox #59 Halloween Special  미미박스 Commercial VIP discount sale
Head-To-Toe + Halloween Special
Get the best of latest new VIP arrivals in one valueset! 
Only pay shipping costs ones and directly get free shipping!

memebox 1000 win 32 giveaway friday 미미박스 Commercial
What is the Jack Pot Box?
Their Jack Pot Box varies from 1st place to 10th place, and there will be multiple winners for the 2nd to 10th places! Plus, everyone is guaranteed to receive at least $60 worth of Memebox for only $32! The 1st place winner will take home $1000 worth of Memebox all-time favorites, and even our 10th place winners will be guaranteed at least $60 worth of goodies! Keep your eyes peeled for Friday's Jack Pot Box because they come in limited quantities!  They'll be giving future updates about Friday's Jack Pot Box via Memebox newsletters, so please make sure to sign up and subscribe now!

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About the 100th Memeboxes

If you are curious which boxes I bought; check my Memebox database.

Stay tuned for more Memefun!