23 August 2014

Memebox (미미박스) Review #3

Review #3
In this Memebox review I'll be covering 4 products from the Collaboration Box #2 CutiePieMarzia and Superbox #17 Gangnam Style. I'll give tell you how I use these products  and my honest opinion. I've tried these products(some a few times) and I directly had an opinion. Do I like them or not, do I use them in my daily/weekly skincare routine or not? Keep on reading...

This is what you'll see:
All products will be titled with a number so in other blogposts it's easier for me to refer back to a product review for you. First I'll tell you how I've used the products and then I'll give you my opinion. Some pictures have close ups some don't because they don't need it.

#1 L.vida - Nail polish - LC-34 Pink Orange
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How I use it

Well I thought for a change let's paint my nails again. I didn't applied any base coat (Stupid! Apply base coat!) and then applied a tin first layer. When done with my right hand my left had had already dried, I applied a second thin layer of nail polish and let it dry again. Then I just laid down on my bed with a writing lap table on my lap to let my hands rest on(I tend to ruin my nail polish) within 20 minutes my nail polish had become hard and indestructible.

My opinion

This color is to die for, I love it so much (matches my baskets etc on my new "Korean cosmetics shelves") This is a very bright and pretty color. I'm still not bored of those coral colors, knowing we're heading into autumn! I do have to say you do really need a base coat, well I do! Four nails are already clean, the nail polish rolled of them like plastic stickers. Really weird but that happens to my nails when I don't apply base coat xD overall I really love this nail polish, way better color than I got it my global #12 box.

#2 Shara Shara - Petit friend tinted balm - PK01 Crown pink
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How I use it
Well I made a mess don't do that! xD I first applied, with a tiny lip brush, the inner crown tint to my lips and after I took with my pink the outer balm to pat on my lips.

My opinion

As you can see on the picture this is not how I opened it, sorry I forgot to take a picture before but as you can see this products is already messy after 1 time use so I wonder what it will be like in 10 uses. We'll see :) I really love this product it doesn't have a childish cheap smell to it so I'm really happy and the color is surprisingly awesome! I really think I would use this. I do say with the inner tint it's hard to create a gradient effect because it's so creamy.

#3 Rivecowe - Shine Blusher - 1 Shine pink
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How I use it
So I've took the cute blusher puff, tapped a few times in the blush and blew the excess stuff of. First I tapped the blush on my cheeks and when it was all in the right place I've stroked it.

My opinion

I think this blush is really cute, the color and appearance. As you can see on my hand I've applied 2 layers. It's very pigmented, so be careful. I do not always wear blush but I prefer it over bronzer. This is a great blush for my inimini collection! :)

#4 Beauty people - Snow White special edition season 2
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How I use it
For this look I've used (box: from left to right) the black liner on my upper waterline and in the right bottom waterline corner. With the third (bronze) eyeliner I've lined my upper eyelid and then colored the rest from there to the crease with the fourth (gold) eyeliner. And the last eyeliner (beige) on my bottom eyelid and inner corner. When done, I've applied my Chanel Inimitable Intense 10 noir mascara. If I would want a more natural look I would apply the second (brown) eyeliner on my upper waterline and a brown mascara.

My opinion
I love these liners a lot. I do not always use them all at once. But I love that I can :) They are really smudge proof and I sometimes have and itch in my eye like everyone and I'm crazy enough to finish off that itch without realizing I was wearing makeup. Well it survived that! :D so yeah I'm really happy with these liners!

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Conclusion: I'm no makeup guru!
I really hope you do understand a few of my "how I use it" I had a really hard time writing it :P I really like makeup and stuff but ask me how and what, I'll be like "whaat, no, no, look" instead of writing it down. I hope you find this review helpful. I do honestly say I love all 4 of these products and some I'm using a few times a week! Also There will be coming more reviews I find this short version better than the last two, remember 100 Memeboxes; that's between 6 to 8 products each box. This way I can write reviews faster :D Also if you have any request for product I should review; check my unboxed memeboxes here and leave your request under this post please :) Furthermore; I think I've come down with a bad cold, so one blogpost forday. Just made my bed, ready for autumn PJ's and a hot water bag! :) Also I'm really enjoying a warm cup of tea with a biscuit. LOL I really sound like a ill grandma. Just turned 24, kinda strucked me hard I think xD How was/is you day?

Stay tuned for more Memefun!