21 August 2014

Memebox (미미박스) Schoolbox arrival + new blog feature!

memebox Superbox #60 Back to School By HopeGirl 미미박스 Commercial
Ready for school?!
So I've got a new Memebox arrival for you! This new arrival is awesome because you already know what you get! The box is already unboxed on the website yay! So read more to find out what's inside this awesome box! Also I got a new awesome feature on my Memebox Database page...

memebox Superbox #60 Back to School By HopeGirl 미미박스 Commercialmemebox Superbox #60 Back to School By HopeGirl 미미박스 Commercial
Superbox #60 Back to School By HopeGirl
Who said the fun of getting new school stuff has to end once you've graduated? Whether you’re really going back to school, or just need a refreshing start, Hope Girl has prepared the ultimate beauty kit that will make you feel as giddy as when you got your fresh box of crayons!  Stay pretty all day with a Hope Girl’s daily beauty combo! Get smooth and flawless skin with the Nude Skin Color Control Cream, and boast legendary lips with Hope Girl’s signature leopard print Milky Balm Lipstick! Deck out nails with festive nail lacquers, and boast beautiful eyes with a foolproof eyeliner and eye shadow combo that is sure to get you a double-take! 

New Memebox Database feature
I've added a request option, so now you can request unboxings of not yet unboxed boxes ;)
Check out Memebox Database here!

So I write unboxings in an order of arrival but now every box without a review with a * in front of their name I already received, So you may request a unboxing and that request will be put first in line for the next unboxing blogpost. Feel free to request in the comments down below.

Stay tuned for more Memefun!