24 August 2014

My birthday 2014 part 1: treats, flowers and weather

Coral Colored Rose
This is the first part of a series of posts about my birthday. In these posts I'll show and tell you the most amazing things about my birthday, I love to share my happiness that I experienced that day and after, with you guys. In this blogpost I'll share my treats (homemade baking's), My flowers I got from my parents and about the weather!

On august 15th I turned 24, No signs of wrinkles or grey hair yet! xD I'm healthy and grateful. My birthday has been divided over a few days because that was the best way to plan it. 
The 3 days
On Friday the 15th; I went shopping with my mom and sister and around 3pm I went to the cinema with my sister and after that we all had a relaxing evening. That day I also had to pick the winners for my Memebox giveaway.
On Saturday the 16th; I slept in and around 3pm my father came to visit and we had a lovely diner. In the evening we watched the movie Bad Neighbors. When I planned to go to sleep I suddenly collapsed badly.
On Sunday the 17th we've planned to go to the fun fair and have lunch at a cute restaurant in a forest. This all was canceled because I still felt unstable to do active activities. So this was a calm day. The lunch is rescheduled for another weekend.

Chocolate Muffins
In the morning on Friday I've baked these chocolate muffins when my sister and mom where grocery shopping. After that we went for a short trip to the shopping centre to shop a little. We wanted to check out a new store. When we came back we ate a lovely muffin and in the evening after the cinema we ate another one. The last 2 we saved, I gave one to my sister's boyfriend when he arrived around 11:30 PM and the other one I gave to my mom to trade for her ice cream xD

Lashing rain
I'm so grateful for this weather, I've longed for autumn so much and precisely on these days it just couldn't stop raining. Also when we were shopping we all were walking under our umbrella's :D This is a huge birthday gift!

Apple pie
This apple pie my mom and I baked for the next day. Because on Friday we were with me, my mom and my sister. The next day we were with five so a good reason to bake a delicious apple pie. This time I changed a original recipe and added some Marjolein Tricks to it and I normally don't like apple pie so much but this time OMG OMG OMG best apple pie ever tasted! So yeah, great success! :D

My birthday flowers
On Friday I got beautiful carnations from my mom and Saturday I got  beautiful roses from my dad. My mom asked me what kind of color flowers I would like and I said go for August-autumn colors and omg they are so beautiful. My father got me beautiful roses and omg I love, love, love the coral roses, I never seen a coral rose before! I'm letting them dry now ;)

Saturday evening after I wrote that tiny blogpost I stood up and collapsed. I felt like the whole room was moving and I ran to Tara to gave her a goodnight kiss and dragged myself up the stairs to my bed. Before I even could undress I think I've fainted shortly and after waking up I went to bed, This was scary but I think I was just extremely tired.

These days were amazing and I've learned that I need more sleep!

Stay tuned for more Birthdayfun!