25 August 2014

My birthday 2014 part 2: presents and more

marjolein Kucmer birthday 15 august bday girl part 2 gift presents expendables 3 cinema therme zen white lotus energizing body mist Risen 3 titan lords pc dvd game
This is the second part of a series of posts about my birthday. In these posts I'll show and tell you the most amazing things about my birthday, I love to share my happiness I experienced that day and after with you guys. In this blogpost I'll share the birthday presents I've got so far. The gifts from my Grandmother and great aunt are on their way to me and a surprise from Sarah :O. Also I've bought myself a birthday gift too; small & big. Plus a huge birthday surprise! :O

On august 15th I turned 24, No signs of wrinkles or grey hair yet! xD I'm healthy and grateful. My birthday has been divided over a few days because that was the best way to plan it.  See my 3 days planning here

marjolein Kucmer birthday 15 august bday girl part 2 gift presents Risen 3 titan lords pc dvd game
Risen 3 Titan Lords
I got this game from my mom and dad. I had to preorder this game because its release date was on my birthday! It's really meant to be. This is one of my most favorites games of all times (the Risen series) I love the series so much because the colors are so accurate and the gameplay feels so natural. The surroundings are very pretty and give you a happy feeling. The storylines are interesting and the game duration is super, super long! I'm super amazingly grateful to my parents they've given me this game. When I've said in some blogpost I'm dying to play with my birthday gift, then I meant this gift!! Also after writing this blogpost; I'm diving back into that world again! :D

marjolein Kucmer birthday 15 august bday girl part 2 gift presents expendables 3 cinema ticket
Expendables 3
This is one of the birthday presents I got from my sister. This movie was released on august 14th. Also perfect timing. These expendables movies are my most favorite action movies of all times. Also in my list of top favorites of all times! An amazing movie to watch in the cinema's and the action is just overwhelming. I love huge destruction movies; goooood destructions. This movie is unbelievable. Also check this; Room 7 chair 7! My lucky number! :D I'm so happy my sister and I went to this movie, Thank you sis! 

I love them all!
Yes posing against a expendables 3 billboard in a very busy street in Breda (luckily no sign of that in the picture) I think these actors are so amazing and so sexy in their own way! Not
intentionally, but my cardigan matches their outfits yay! xD

marjolein Kucmer birthday 15 august bday girl part 2 gift presents therme zen white lotus energizing body mist
Therme Zen white lotus energizing body mist
I got this from my sister's boyfriend and his family. I think this is so super duper sweet! Thank you! I really love this scent. It smells like a Asian spa. I spray it now everyday on my neck area and it really gives me a relaxing feeling, a weekend feeling :) I love it!

marjolein Kucmer birthday 15 august bday girl part 2 gift presents thrift store shop hexagon honeycomb candle holder asian chinese tea box
So when my mom, sister and I were shopping we went to this new thrift store. This was sadly a very dark and dusty place, with a very negative vibe due to the sales people. But I did found these 2 items. A gold copper hexagon shaped candle holder and a Chinese bamboo hexagon shaped tea box. The candle holder was very dirty and the gold copper looked like it was never taken care of. Just now I polished the candle holder with copper polish and it looked like new again. The tea box smelled like bad old tea so I've put 5 bags of lavender in there and now it smells like heaven :) I've paid €3,- for this :) a small birthday gift to myself :)

Also when I woke up on Friday I saw in my email that Memebox had released 3 new boxes;
The princess editions. I had a lot of discount options so I've bought 5 Memeboxes;
Superbox #56 Yogurt Cosmetics
Memebox Special #38 My Mask Box
Princess Edition #1 Snow White
Princess Edition #2 Sleeping Beauty
Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #34 Dermocosmetics 2 giveaway winner unboxing review preview
I'm so happy!!
So in the last hour of my birthday I got a message from "My Beauty Junction" on twitter that I was one of her Memebox giveaway winners!! OMG how amazing is that, right! She asked to make a top 3 of the boxes we would love to receive most. My top 3 was: 1. Dermocosmetics 2. Vitamin Care 3. At Home. I really wanted the Dermocometics because I already bought the other 2 (also amazing) and I really wanted something sweet and kind for my skin to try out. Also it would be a surprise which box we would get. A few days ago I received a package from Memebox, I unpacked and OH MY It's the Dermocosmetics 2!
This means so much to me and this box is so amazing. This box is my second VIB!
read here my extended unboxing review!

More birthday "parts" will follow after a forest lunch and receiving more amazing gifts from amazing people <3 I love you all and thank you so much!

Stay tuned for more Birthdayfun!