03 August 2014

Psychic: This will happen if I'll keep blogging now!

This pattern keeps happening to me. I do have some kind of sleeping problem and this is my view a lot when I'll go to sleep. I sleep around 4 to 6 hours a day. I mostly blog at night, somehow I'm more active. So I'll blog until sunrise and then I'll get tired. Am I a vampire!? :O

So I said on MUT that I'll wanted to blog about all stuff today, but I got constantly distracted. The moment I posted that comment, what I did after was so weird. I've run upstairs and start cleaning and reorganizing my room and Memeproducts. "I just looked next to me and Tara is obsessive kissing her cushion xD haha she can't stop" Next I realized what I was doing and said well this is done, "now" I will blog! and within 5 minutes I was downloading OST's from K-drama's and searching for birthday presents. When I was done I again realized. And I was thinking; why!? Then I said.. well then I'll go blogging now in night time again...

NO, not going to do that. I'm trying to change this pattern so desperately. The day before yesterday I went to sleep at 6 AM and yesterday at 3:30 AM. So today I want to lay in my bed even earlier! "Got my hand obsessively kissed by Tara xD" To write a whole blogpost, with facts and creative text etc takes too long and I'll not succeed in going to bed early! So I write this blogpost. It's way easier to just ramble about my thoughts and create a "master piece with pictures and creative text" yes I see thinks very large and heavy ;)

So I wish you all a good night sleep or enjoy your sunrise ;)