31 August 2014

Sunday's chat!

Epic Sky!
So tomorrow when I went to visit my father this was heading our way. Never knew if something fell out but it looks scary! I always love weather signs like this. Also today I was kind of busy with...

Did went to bed way too late to other day so I took a big nap in the afternoon. I think  two and a half hour or so. Really needed it. got all these hot flashes because I was so tired. It really did me good and tonight I'm going to go to bed early!

Camera research
I have all these new plans for making videos and plans about the videos and I've got some amazing advice today about my camera and video setting from babiiTeaV and about an idea for making videos from geniesfavproducts. So I'm very grateful and I'm going camera-stuff shopping tomorrow :)

Ginseng addict
Since Eugenie spoke about so happy ginseng in one of her Memebox videos, I was so curious and started searching for skincare products with ginseng in it. Every time I got something with ginseng in my memebox, mask, eye cream, essence what not, I got all happy :) I like ginseng in these products, great for your skin. Also I think it smells so nice and pro. Just washed my hair and applied a mask; my hair smells ginsengy so I might check those ingredients :D

Risen 3
Still haven't finished the game, Which I'm so happy about, because most games I finish within 7 to 9 hours. This game duration is like ten times longer! I love it so much. I do feel I'm near the end but not quite yet! Also when I finished it I'm going to check a save file earlier before I joined a faction, so I could join the natives or demon hunters, My man is now a mage :P

Laneige Water Sleeping pack EX
So I've asked Veritazy about her mask experience and she didn't liked sheet masks that much, but loved sleeping packs and told me how she would use hers. Well she told me she had this Laneige mask. Then I thought; I think I have that one to but never used it before. So last night I wore that sleeping mask. And my, oh my that mask is amazing! I love it!! Thank you! :D

New sheet mask plan
So today I saw Eugenie's new unboxing video and there she told, she was huge sheet mask fan. JACKPOT! :D Just the person I needed who could give me some sheet mask advice! She gave me great advice and today just before going to watch my drama series I'll apply a sheet mask :) This way I can probably empty my huge mask storage box one day! Thank you! :D

So yesterday night I've ordered some things from YesStyle, I also added a pair of shoes. I have size EU 40 but it's always scary to buy shoes online with different size charts. So this is the first time ever buying shoes from Asia! :O

Yesterday I've helped a big pumpkin being born and today a medium pumpkin. I feel proud of helping them create something so beautiful. But actually they didn't needed any help today. When I wanted to take male flower there was a bee inside it, which I haven't seen and he really chased me indoors again xD

Today was a happy Sunday!
How was you Sunday?