08 August 2014

Super duper tired & Memeoverload!

"She is just cute and matches my tiredness"
Today has been a very weird day; I just went grocery shopping like always, got major package from H&M and again 3 Memeboxes. After that I just collapsed and slept all day with a very heavy headache :( I so didn't plan that! So...

I hope I feel much better tomorrow so I can reply to all of your comments. Write some Memebox unboxings and bake a chocolate cake or something (*wants chocolate*) Be creative with something I have laying around or something! ;). Receive 5 memeboxes again. Yes shame on me or Memebox? Within 4 days will have received 14 Memeboxes! That's insane right. Two days were with DHL express shipping and the other two days were planned and normal shipping and some had delay. By coincidence they game all within these days. "Memeoverload!"

Also about the picture; Tara loves holding her sleeping basket. It's her paw obsession; always have to hold something, so she knows where she is or whom she with. Now I'll also go to sleep and hope for a better day tomorrow! :D

Goodnight or have a great day!