27 August 2014

My day off, let's chat!

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My day off!
So today I feel like sh*t somehow, Well sh*t is a big word, just super duper tired, cold, sneezy etc. I had planned a Memebox unboxing and a long lost garden plant haul but I'm taking the day off, so you'll see that tomorrow. Today I'm just gonna tell you some things I have on my mind.

I love this song, check it out!
Today I an email from YesAsia that my order has been shipped that include my sisters and grandma's birthday gift for me :D I'm so excited!! Within 6 to 12 days I'll blast the neighbors away with a load Mandopop, Jpop and Kpop! :D haha! 
What is your favorite Asian song you recently can't live without?

So yesterday I visited YesStyle to look for a K-drama backpack (wrong website) but then I saw that they have this awesome deal going on, only a few days left. With a coupon code you can get 10% off everything and free worldwide shipping! This was all because of the back to school theme! So I spent a lot of time there yesterday and today shopping around and bow my cart is very full :O What to do, what to do?
Everything you find there, always check if you can get it on Ebay cheaper ;) If you want to shop with discount go now www.yesstyle.com. *I'm not using referral links btw!*
Do you shop at these kind of stores? (Asian everything)

Today I've received 2 Memeboxes again; the Memebox Special #20 Superfood
and Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1. In both boxes is one fullsize product from Secret Nature that I already own "woops!" But those boxes are awesome! Yesterday I've received Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3. Like I've said in my Memebox Database every box with a * in front of their name, I've received but not yet unboxed. So those boxes can be requested for unboxings. When you do, this box will be the next box unboxed on my blog. So feel free to request :)
Did you got or bought any boxes lately?

My pumpkins are growing so fast and big, I feel so proud!!
Am I the only one longing for autumn, so I can clutter my entire house with pumpkins!?!? :D

Tara Haul
So my sweet Tara is going to haul her goodies soon with a review xD I gave her some new things and treats because she doesn't have interest in their "old" bones & toys anymore. I think because she's blind she doesn't see how fun it used to be. So now her haul has a huge smell and she loves it. Hyper Tara :D
How spoiled is your pet? :)

So how was your day?