12 August 2014

"Thumbs" up of The Last Ship!

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Yeah & Ouch!
So yesterday I worked really hard in my garden to make some plants winter proof already and to trim stuff a bit to control the jungle ;) But doing that something happened and now I'm in very bad ouch! Because of the ouch I needed some distraction and found an amazing new tv series!

About my ouch!
So I've winter proofed the Buddleja davidii's (because they were done), Trimmed the Wisteria to control his jungle behavior and some other trimming. I've noticed for a while that my Syringa vulgaris was showing weird symptoms and it turned out he was ill, so I had to trim him heavy. He has no leaves anymore :( I hope He gets better! But while trimming him, As you know his branches are very thick and strong. As I was cutting I came across one branch that had a hard time being cut and I also stood in weird position with my hand an arm to cut that branch (lots of other branches in the way) so I squeezed my hand again to try to cut it and I turned my hand a little bit and.. bang! OUCH! Just like that lightning feeling when you hit your elbow against something. That hurts but it goes away. So that's what I felt going through my lower part of my thumb (in my hand, not the finger part) It hurt really bad and it calmed down a bit after a while so thinking it was the same as hitting an elbow I just moved on trimming and gardening.  Second day it felt like I had muscle pain there and I just figured I over did it. Later on today it started hurting more and more. Now it's all swollen and hurt extremely :O So I think I bruised it pretty bad and didn't give it a break.

Yes typing is a hell but I don't like to leave my blog empty without saying anything!
I've taken lots of new pictures for new blogpost but the pain got worse in the evening so I decided to take break and watch some good TV series.

About the Yeah!
So first I watched episode 3 of The Leftovers. Seriously I need to watch it because I'm hoping it gets better. It's really exhausting to watch and not much is happening and characters just annoying. Ps the girl is such a drama queen and she looks like the twilight girl. Please tell me this series is getting better please :)
Then I decided to watch a new series I've found yesterday; The Last Ship. It's about A virus gone bad and kills all humanity. An army battle ship with some scientist have to find the cure for the last people on earth. There are a lot of good and known actors playing in this tv series! We've watched 3 episodes already and it's so good!!! It feels you're watching a movie, (meaning not the time) The story is so good, exciting, scary, breathtaking. Mostly you get lots of those feelings when you watch a movie of 2 hours. Now you get all of that in only 45 minutes! Every episode is huge and amazing! Can't wait until tomorrow! I want to watch all episodes!!

The trailer is not a trailer for the full season. The trailer is EPIC and only about first episode already! Plus the captain is so sexy! ;)

So I'm off to bed now I hope have a wonderful day or also goodnight!