03 September 2014

20 Random facts about me

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Now you're getting to know the weird stuff! xD
So this is an Instagram tag and I was tagged by a dutch blog friend of mine. So you tell 20 random facts about yourself and after you tag your 20 favorite instagrammers to also do this tag. Also proud at my pumpkin so I made him pink XD I had nothing to post today (kinda on a Memestrike) so why not post this tag also on my blog! :D

20 Random facts
1. I love to play with a strand of hair, it relaxes me.
2. I always fast clap in my hands when I'm excited about something (straigth hands)
3. I drink/eat 1 liter of dairy products, and I love it!.
4. When it's raining I get excited and want to play the Sims (any version!)
5. I always smell at all makeup and skincare when I open it.
6. I have a hard time wearing eye makeup till the end of the day, rubbing my eyes always when I'm tired, woops xD.
7. I'm a perfectionist and control freak.
8. At night when walking Tara I always walk with a flash light so I won't step on snails etc :).
9. I'll never step into a plain, scared since I was young because of terrorism.
10. I have dyslexia and I love learning new languages! :D
11. I'm allergic to pumpkin plants but I love to grow them!
12. I hate mushrooms (to eat) everything about it, yeek!
13. I'm good at finding my way on the internet...
14. I have a hard time saying goodbye to my broken desk chair. holding it together with tyraps
15. I have 16 cushions on my bed, every night I have to make room for myself :)
16. I've never died my hair in my life because it's very easily damaged.
17. When I'm on my bike, I'm that person who will stop when nature shows its beauty en enjoys her view.
18. I want an Traditional Korean fence in my garden when I live on my own!
19. I always get super hot when I concentrate at: building/fixing my pc, making youtube videos and careful gardening.
20. I can't stand the feel, touch and sound of raw paper, cardboard boxes and unpainted wood and stone statues.

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It was nice to meet you xD