01 September 2014

Crazy build project sneak preview!

Do you know? ;)
So today I've been Camera-stuff-shopping and bought some amazing new stuff, tell you in a minute. In the evening I said on twitter I'm going to play with my new stuff, totally distracted by this amazing build plan and I went crazy and did it!

Tomorrow you'll see what I've done, lots probably already can see what kind of "stones" I've used to build that something ;) Also made a funky video with this construction and not sure how I'll use it yet but you'll see soon enough! It's going to be epic and crazy ;)

With all the advice I got yesterday and the day before, I went to buy some new stuff for my camera to make photographing and filming mush easier. Because everytime I was filming or shooting this happens: , my battery screaming; I'm dying, my 16GB screaming; I'm full. So I've got:
A new camera battery, so I just can keep on shooting
A extra 32GB card  with 40mb/s read & write speed, which is better for filming in HD.
An mini HDMI cable, to plug my camera onto my laptop when filming.
filter lenses x3. pff I'm no pro yet so I'm returning them xD

Bed chilling time
So I'm going to bed now because I really need to watch some episodes of The Heirs and I want to do some shopping on my phone (flipping through cool websites and not buying anything) and while doing so I want to try out a new mask again I'm thinking of the Berries also from the Zero Cosmetics Memebox.

See you tomorrow!
Have a great day or good night.