05 September 2014

Memebox (미미박스) TonyMoly & Holika Holika Boxes!!

Check out these awesome Memeboxes
We've waited long and we hoped and asked, The've answered and gave us these amazing boxes to buy! These brands are amazing and have cute packaging! They'll sell out very fast, so don't wait too long! For more Memebox information read further.

Superbox #66 Tonymoly
We asked, and boy did you answer! We finally bring you our Tony Moly Box!  Famous for their signature swoon-worthy packaging and its incredible effectiveness, Tony Moly is one of the most sought after beauty brands in all of Korea! In this Tony Moly Box, you’ll find all of Tony Moly’s holy grail beauty essentials – intensive skin care goodies, makeup must-haves housed in precious packaging, and body treats that are begging to be instagrammed! Take this chance to snag this limited time only Tony Moly Box and experience the best of the best beauty in Korea!

Superbox #67 Holika Holika
Hey you Holka Holika-holics! The beauty box that you’ve all been waiting for is finally available at Memebox! Find all of Holika Holika’s real deal skin care, crazy cute makeup, best-selling body care, and much, much more all in this Holika Holika Box! Recommended for even K-Beauty beginners, this Holika Holika Box includes practical yet gosh-darn-cute beauty goodies that will really transform you into a Holika Holika-holic, leaving you begging for more! Open this box and bask in all of Holika Holika’s wonderful delights!

Tonymoly + Holika Holika Salueset
Get the best of the latest new arrivals in one valueset! 
Only pay shipping costs ones and directly get free shipping!

Tonymoly + My Fair Lady
Holika Holika + Vivid Pop

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I'll be playing the Sims 4 this evening ;) 
Lots of gardening to do haha :D

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