06 September 2014

Tara Troubles: 10 days sleeping on the couch for Tara

Marjolein kucmer tara labrador dog blood cough coughing sick ill poorly vet sad cute adorable hospital bed pet blond scare shock trouble
Tara on her at-home-hospital bed
So last night I got the fright of my life and feared my sweet little lady would leave me. She's still here ,yay! and sleeps here next to me while I'm writing this blogpost. But I can't leave her out of my sight. I'm very grateful for my sleeping problems and that I was clear awake when it happened.

So yesterday evening/night I had played  the Sims 4 a long while and  then a was reading some thé memethread on MUT and planning after to go to sleep. Suddenly around 2:30 AM Tara started coughing. It sounded like she had some hair itching her throat, that sign was nothing to alarmed by. After 5 minutes I was really looking at her like, why can't you fix your itch problem?... So I sat down with her and told her it was okay and just kept stroking her head to keep her calm. This coughing took her 30 minutes, from slow and almost invisible coughing to really heavy couching with puke reactions. I could see in her eyes that she was extremely tired of this. And I felt really sad I couldn't help her. I was still thinking something in her deep in throat most be in the wrong place or itches,

Then there was moments of silence and she went back to sleep. I sat back behind my pc and just watched some Instagram, just to wait an hour to see if she remain calm. Well after 15 minutes it started again, And again I sat with here and thinking what is this all out of the sudden? After 15 minutes she was silence again. So again back behind my pc (right next her bed). Because of all that I was very awake now so I watched an asmr video (super soft, almost silent sound) After I stood up, Tara was still calm and then I decided to write a note to my mom and sister that they had to leave me be in the morning because of this. Because she was so calm I thought the itch was over. I stood up and...

I wanted to take Tara to her sleeping basket and suddenly I see a big spot of blood and mucus on her cushion, I caught her in the middle because she wasn't done yet, I didn't hear puke sounds, she just spat is out slowly. I totally freaked but wanted to keep it inside because Tara looked all confused about what happened so I took her to the kitchen (3 steps) and let her lay down, took my phone and called my mom to come down right away. This was around 5 AM. She cleaned her cushion with a tissue before it was ruined (she loves that cushion) and I cleaner her paws and mouth. I was totally freaking out inside but didn't want to show her that because she seemed totally fine.

She just gave me paws and was asking me to rub her belly or asking if she could go back to her cushion. She looked very, very tired but not unhappy,ill or in pain. There for I googled and everything that came out had nothing to do with her only thing that could match with her a 30% would be kennel cough but she got a shot for that little more than a half a year ago.

So I decided to sleep on the couch to be close, just for 3 hours. around 9 AM I called the weekend service vet and luckily he was in the same city as we live. He said we shouldn't give her food after her walkies, just in case after he checked her. We could be there around 11 AM. The only signs she gave after her bloody moment, we some coughs and short "choke" coughs. When we were there he checked her fully but couldn't find anything. So He said well I think then it must be a bacterial infection or a virus. So he gave us 20 antibiotic pills for morning and evening for 10 days. For if it's an infection than it should be kind o over in a few days. And with a virus you just should wait. He said; If she still coughs blood or you don't trust it then come after the 10 days.

So I'm going to be sleeping 10 days on the cough starting today and I've made her a pretty white bed, with an extra safety blanket underneath .I'm so happy that I have this sleeping problem, that I was still down stairs when it happened, so I could help her en be with her to calm her. Maybe after a few days it's over but I don't take any risks. Also this is gonna be hard for me when still is all over because then I have to just go to bed and leave her (like normal), I'm a bit traumatized right now, hope it fades. 

I'm so happy with me sweet Tara!
(Snoring calmly right beside me)
*I love her*

I'm still on a memestrike and I'm playing a lot of the Sims 4
I did felt poorly the past 3 days and I'm now longer than 24 hours awake.
So this is my blogging mode these days; a bit about my life etc, hope you understand.