10 September 2014

Tara Troubles: update & What's on my mind

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Fresh Raspberries from my Raspberry plant.
So in this post I'll give you an update about Tara, how's she's doing etc. Also I'm going to share what's on my mind; literally that and things I'm planning on doing or just did. Just to wrap it up together. instead of placing it randomly under posts that have nothing to do with that ;) I got inspired by Sarah so thank you :)

Tara update
Tara is still coughing, but after that day no signs of blood anymore, so that's good! She's taking her antibiotics good with a tiny bit of cheese and she also got a dog friendly cough syrup. We mix is with a crushed dinner cookie (doesn't smell that nice) She acts really cute and loves to get lots of extra hugs and to play the "I spam you with paws, you give me more hugs please" game, but more active games than that makes her cough and she knows that so she won't. But I'm still sleeping on the couch and I'm so broken of this (day 6!) but I'm going to treat me with an episode of the Heirs tonight :D

I just bought a Huge order again on Candysan, I was constantly checking if there were new things to add to my cart and then suddenly I saw they've added Pocky again! lots of them are already sold out but I got a few! Also my sister bought a lot today at that shop :D her first time buying Japanese candy and snacks!

For some reason with this Memestrike I had, my mind became calm about it and I started to think, I want to start buying Memeboxes calmer. If you maybe have seen I only bought 6 more Memeboxes .. yes that insane but I was on hold because I didn't want to buy anything without points. I think in my before-Memestrike-mode I would have bought the double by now. So I know it's still hard to see but in time you'll see. I feel sometimes when I unbox I don't get the happy feeling all the time, why that is I don't know (maybe it's me and has nothing to do with my love for Memebox!) but I'm taking it slow  with buying to check if the happiness comes back :) Memetherapy!

So I've ordered a mega huge order at H&M a long while ago, that ended terrible and me not getting anything, (package broken along to way to me) so I cried secretly because I was expecting all these cute skirts. So I called and they said sorry and fixed something real nice for me (discounts etc). But sadly most skirts were sold out when I had to order again. I'm over it now and I think this week I'm getting my new mega huge order from H&M! Do I need more clothes, no I don't think so but I just love it! :D

So my raspberry plant turned into a huge tree! I'm picking raspberries everyday now, It just doesn't stop. Also they are so, so, so tasty! I think I'll maybe plant another one soon for next year, then he'll have a friend! :D

I've been watching TW & K drama's for a while now and I can only say I get more addicted by the day. I love the classic love & fun drama's the most! So cute and fun! Also the male actors are so handsome in those! So I was thinking to maybe buy a not all that expensive tablet to watch those dramas, for social media stuff, watching youtube, googling etc. I was thinking around the €150 to €200. But I kind of want the tablet to have an HDMI output so I can also watch my dramas directly on my TV. Also I was thinking (don't know if it's possible) to link the tablet with HDMI to my DSLR camera (also with HDMI) that I could focus by tapping on my tablet :P But I'm not sure yet.

So my day & night rhythm is totally killed and I was thinking of other subjects, I'm thinking of and I'm just blank at the moment so tired am I. Also I get headaches because of the lack of sleep I got and hot flashes out of nowhere. So I think It's time to end the blogpost here :D

See you tomorrow!