20 October 2014

My daily life updates

Daily gadgets!
So I thought let's say something, it's been a while and this is because I've been a bit feverish and I have a super duper bad cold. So I'm gonna tell you about some things going on in my life and everything else that comes to mind :)

Asus tablet
So I think a few days before Tara passed away I bought this amazing Asus tablet (MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C)) I hated myself when Tara passed away that I had this tablet, felt like I've traded it somehow but in the moment I just sank into the great nothingness and grief; this tablet (dramania, farm game apps and social media apps) kept me going and gave me such good distractions during the day when I did nothing. Also now its my to go thing to watch my favorite shows on :) (well the big, big series like The walking dead, the Vampire Diaries, Originals, The 100 etc. I still watch on tv but soaps and Kdrama's are very addictive on this tablet! :D

Macaron pouch
So on Jolse they had a super cute giveaway and I didn't win this, I already had a feeling so before their giveaway had ended I bought this cute Etude House Macaron pouch somewhere on Ebay :D
I store my earphones in there right now :D And it matches perfectly with my tablet cover I recently got from somewhere (can't remember the shop)

So like I said I've been having a super bad cold and it's making me feverish sometimes. I lost my voice at the beginning and thought it was my own fault and then I got the sniffies! So I'm taking with 100% focus my vitamins so I can fight this :) I'm taking this forever & ever and everyday but sometimes I'm lazy and forget ;) 

I'm loving this season so, so much! sadly the weather doesn't show so much of autumn. Still super hot, normally we would get blown away by wind and rain. So longer for the good heavy autumn days. The house is already decorated, we're ready! :)

Lately I haven't bought so much Memeboxes, Mainly because of Memeboxes choices and because I really know what I want in a memebox and I already have so much, so my choices are getting more precisely :) The last boxes I've bought were the pumpkin pie box!:D the 1st anniversary box and today I've bought the empress's secrets box because it's gonna be epic :) I'm going to try and write Memebox unboxings again but...

So this past week and so on even when I'm sick I have my hands full! It feels like 24 hours of focus and while being sick, this breaks me up but with lots of joy! I'll soon post about my busy moments when I got the time ;)

So I recently watched the first seasons of Surplus Princess and it's epic and you need to watch it! Only 10 episodes, hell of a crazy, fun, romantic and serious story :D Also I'm loving She's So Lovable haven't watched the last 2 eps yet but this show is also amazing and that guy is sooo serious and hot! :D

Goodbye sleeping problems
So I had some really bad sleeping problems (stayed awake till 5am sometimes.) Since Tara passed away it's like she fixed me on the last moment. Because it's almost midnight and I'm so super tired and this is been like that since the day she went away. 

Have a great day or also goodnight :)