28 October 2014

Nothing to say, Just sing!

Humming 24h!
Today was a very, very busy day, but I had so much fun. The thing is; I totally forgot to plan a blogpost for today, so I'll just share you my humming & singing adventure :P 

First my busy Halloween day
I've remembered Halloween is in a few days and normally this is so not a big thing here in the Netherlands but last year kids came knocking on our doors to trick and treat :O probably because our window sill is packed with pumpkins always xD  So I shopped some candy and Halloween decor for outside last minute ;)

Legend - Left out
Click the picture above to check out the song or here!
Today I woke up humming a song with a lovely melody. I was already thinking I really love this song, damn girl you are creative with your melody xD Later this day humming became not only humming but words were added. And just one hour ago I start really singing the song I was humming. Singing the perfect lyrics... woops I know this song!

Yesterday I was checking a Korean chart and came across this song and thought it was quite nice, so looked up the song and listened to it only once! Went to bed and woke up with it :D Love my crazy database in my head! :D

You really need to check out this song! 
I just know you'll be humming it tomorrow!