06 October 2014

Tara's 24h Daily Routine (rip)

Tara's 24 hour Daily Routine video!
In this "not" 24 hours long video I'm gonna tell you and my future me all about Tara's 24 hours daily routine. Yes the full 24 hours of Tara, day & night! This is for those who are interested in Tara's wonderful life and her crazy own-made routines and for me when I'm older; I'll always remember how my litter girl was throughout the day.

In this video you'll see my looking up a lot, closing my eyes sometimes longer, I'm really looking back into my memory and picturing it all. I just check the video and I again really enjoy watching myself talking about Tara and lost myself into listening to her daily routine. then I thought woops It's late, one day I have to post this blogpost xD. Also I've noticed that sometimes I'm out of focus and my vases in the back are. This is because after every battery chance I had to refocus again and probably did it right but I'm leaning to much forward and that makes me out of focus again..lol still no filming pro xD

My beauty comeback will come soon, but still I want to give me the space to fully give all my attention to Tara's final blogposts

I love you
After writing this post it feels weird, because mostly I would turn my head and look at her with lots of love. Now I look next to me automatically with lots of love but she's not there and my eyes confirm that but deep down my feelings says she's there. This confusing but this doesn't make me cry. I love her and I know she's save. And this does creates some tears in my eyes, knowing I could save her and that she's okay know, passed away in our loving arms, the safest place on earth. I love you my Tara.

The next photoshoots/blogposts will be about:
Tara's tricks
Maybe something else about Tara
Tara's goodbye story

Stay tuned for more about Tara.