10 October 2014

Tara's Tricks (rip)

Tara rip cute adorable blind labrador blond kawaii sweet keai aegyo Kucmer memebox crazy youtube video tricks
Tara's Tricks video

In this video I'll tell you and my future me all Tara's tricks as far as I can remember. I've recorded this video right after my Tara's 24 Hours Daily Routine video. I haven't planned this video so it could be rusty.

In this video I'll tell you & me the basic Tricks Tara have learned from us. also I'll tell you the tricks and "other stuff"she learned out of our language just by listening is chat along.

I love you
After writing this post it feels weird, because mostly I would turn my head and look at her with lots of love. Now I look next to me automatically with lots of love but she's not there and my eyes confirm that but deep down my feelings says she's there. This confusing but this doesn't make me cry. I love her and I know she's save. And this does creates some tears in my eyes, knowing I could save her and that she's okay know, passed away in our loving arms, the safest place on earth. I love you my Tara.

Stay tuned for more about Tara.