11 November 2014

Candysan Huge Japanese Candy Haul & Review #2

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review  choco  otona petit copan almost all flavors
Comfort candy!
A few days later after a very sad moment for me, I received a new Candysan package, I was really happy with this because I could use some sweet candy to give me comfort. I did however did not photopraghed everything because I was not into blogging then. I do remember everytaste though so I'm just going to tell you which candy was amazing and which candy was not.

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review  choco  otona petit copan almost all flavors
The numbers ;)

1. Otona Petit - Brownie > price: $1,18 / link to product
Tiny chocolate cakes with chocolate chips.
YES these are amazing! The taste sweet and chocolaty but with a bitter hint in it. I have bought these before, so I thought let's buy 2 this time!

2. Otona Petit - Corn soup Sembei > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny corn potage sembei.
I'm 50/50 about these; not great but not horrible :) so I bet someone else would love 'm :)

3. Otona Petit - Cheese & Pepper Sembei > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny cheese and black pepper sembei.
I didn't liked these, Ate a few and then decided; meet the trashcan. They taste very salt but it doesn't taste very crunchy, more like it was open to the air for a while (old)

4. Otona Petit - Cheddar > price: $1,18 / link to product
Tiny crackers filled with cheddar cream.
No, no, no really not great. The cheddar inside it really creamy and doesn't taste great. Or I don't like cheddar :O

5. Otona Petit - Cheese crackers > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny and thin cheese crackers. Limited edition.
There are crunchy and full of taste! that's buy I bought these again and this time also 2 of them :)

6. Otona Petit - Yakisoba > price: $1,13 / link to product 
Yakisoba noodles flavored crackers. Limited summer edition.
So not great and they had not a great scent also. I've thrown away

7. Otona Petit - French Butter > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny cookies, French butter flavored.
Amazing and so yummy, like a cookie you would get with a cup of tea from your oma!

8. Otona Petit - Meitai Sembei > price: $1,13 / link to product
Sold out, can't find description
Thrown them away, so didn't like them.

9. Otona Petit - Chicken Consommé > price: $1,13 / link to product 
Tiny potato chips onion and chicken consommé flavor.
I ate the half and then I was done with this flavor. So I say it's good for 50% :)

10. Otona Petit - Fried Snacks > price: $1,13 / link to product
Round friend potato salt crackers
No, not great I've thrown them away. I so didn't like the smell.

11 .Otona Petit - Vegetable Crackers > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny 7 vegetables crackers.
This cookie really taste like a amazing yummy salad and my sister named rucola salad, It also taste a bit like pizza so I bought it again and this time 2 :)

12. Otona Petit - Corn Chips > price: $1,13 / link to product 
Tiny, light corn chips butter flavored
These were really nice, They taste like my lunch, Corn flakes (w milk) so yas these are really good!

13. Otona Petit - Thin Vegetables Crackers > price: $1,18 / link to product
3 different crackers in one pack: tomato, garlic, and spinach flavor.
I did bought these before because the tomato and garlic where really nice, I don't like the spinach flavor that much.

14. Otona Petit - Puffed Rice > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny honey flavor puffed rice crackers.
These are so taste, had them before so I needed more. They taste like those dotted white crunchy balls in a basic Japanese snack mix.

15. Otona Petit - Choco Biscuit > price: $1,13 / link to product 
Tiny biscuits topped with milk chocolate.
I loved these, so basic but so tasty; like when I was young and I came home from school  and it was weekend :)

16.Otona Petit - Thin Crackers > price: $1,13 / link to product 
Tiny, light and thin salty crackers.
I can't really remember why they tasted so good,but they did, because I do remember I didn't throw them away ;)

17. Otona Petit - Grilled Shrimp Crackers > price: $1,13 / link to product
Tiny grilled shrimp crackers.
Nope, not my thing and they tasted old & dusty if you know what I mean.

18. Pocky > price: $1,65 / link to product
Chocolate milk Pocky
I already know how pocky tastes... and yes I'm addicted! I cried when it was out of stock but it's back and I was very happy with that ;) Best thing ever!

19. Copan - Garlic > price: $1,22 / link to product
Small crackers with garlic.
OMG these are amazing and I'm addicted! Best crackers ever and yes I always need more!

20. Sakusaku Panda Mini > price: $1,22 / link to product
White chocolate and milk chocolate on a cute panda shaped biscuit.
These were a gift from Candysan and I loved them. They are so tasty and cute! Thanks!

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review torotto country maám crispy choco baumkuchen otona petit puku puku tai copan hellot kitty apollo m&m rilakkuma 2
Check out this amazing Japanese candy shop!
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I already have a new shopping list for my new Candysan order, do you?!

Stay tuned for more candyfun!