25 November 2014

EPIC Memebox unboxing: major FAIL & Memedisease!

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Goodbye Mememountain!
So the day before yesterday I've decided I wanted to "play around" with all my Meme products and wait no more before I would ever be done with writing unboxings reviews for all. So I made a plan and unboxed all 54 boxes except the jackpot box (on the picture are only shown 49 boxes) because that box doesn't have a info card... Today right after I woke up I hit myself in the face and said OMG MAJOR FAIL!

So what happened and what was my plan at first?
Unbox all boxes and put the products away in a box that if you want to use it the product packaging would be ruined so no picture proof anymore. and the other products that you can use and on picture it would not be visible; looks clean, brand new. So I took a huge wicker basket and put in all products (that was a lot!) I storaged all empty Memeboxes in another room (other future plan) and gave the inside colored papers to my sister for wrapping her stuff for moving out in soon future. My room looked so big and calm again!

So when I woke up yesterday I realized that I still had to do unboxing reviews and I ruined that kind of because I have no clue of what box had what kind of size cardboard Memebox and what kind if color paper was inside anymore. The bigger fail; in that Wicker box everything is fit like a puzzle to the top so if I would need a few products for an unboxing I would have to destroy the whole puzzle to get the products. A never ending Chaos :O

Improvise and put everything that I can use already (unboxed) in another box and the un-unboxed products in the wicker box. and if I want to use un-unboxed products I have to keep the wrapping part if the product have one. So for example keep the Etude House Castle hand cream box and enjoy the hand cream ;)

So next time, never unboxed if you have a plan, 
always make sure you sleep one night on it!

Other stuff yesterday
Jofee is doing great and he is a perfect puppy! Super proud of him. Also Today we were playing really wild with toys and suddenly he made a mistake and he bit me in my hand while running...OUCH and there was blood (just a little bit) I had to disinfect it. He was all in shock and jumping to me to check if I was okay and crying in panic and sadness because he knew he had hurt me. So yeah it hurts but this makes me happy that he knows what ouchies are and feels for his human (mammy) :) 
Also I've watched the first 3 Episodes of the new South Park season, EPIC! :D and After  we were gonna watch the newest episode of The 100, this was also EPIC! Still super tired of unboxing so many boxes the day before yesterday so I needed some relaxing time :) Also while writing this blogpost I've been listening to BTS (Bangtan Boys) - War of Hormone. Really an amazing song to listen to while blogging real fast :D

New plan: search online for the right box size and color paper and pack all those 54 Memeboxes again! Also I'm gonna try to unbox faster and more often :) I miss my Mememountain. I already have a Memeaddiction and now I think it got worse...Memedisease :O Wish me luck today ;)

Enjoy your morning!