27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

jofee jonathan saccone joly maltese dog puppy 14 weeks old cute adorable playing marjolein kucmer sleeping
Happy Thanksgiving
So today is Thanksgiving and I live in the Netherlands and we don't celebrate it here but somewhere deep down I constantly felt a warm happy family feeling. So Today I stood still by all the things I was happy about in this day. Of cource I'm going to share this with you.

I'm grateful for my adorable puppy who behaves amazing and so loving to others. Today We went shopping for a winter coat for when we go to puppy training on the Wednesday evenings. When we came to our most favorite shop Jofee suddenly saw the shop owner and was so happy to see him. Never happened before in a shop with him before. Also the coat we found was so amazingly beautiful on Jofee. So manly and perfect for his size. I'm grateful there was something like that for us to find and yes it costs 40 euro but he's worth it. I'm also grateful for the moments he lays under my desk to sleep in his most favorite (almost too small) basket thing. (he's still sleeping here)

Today at the end of our shopping trip I've aske if we could stop by a shop to check if there were still a few Christmas nailpolishes. I was afraid they were already sold out. The color I wanted was still there and I got 2 more. So I'm grateful for my mom who took that extra drive and moment to wait for me. And grateful for the shop that they had a good big stock :)

This is something we Dutch people make when it's new years eve and it's also something wintery you can buy at big shopping stores and garden centres to get the great winter feel. We've decided to all take our first oliebol today :D One bite and then there was the Christmas spirit. So I'm grateful my mom gave us our first Oliebol of the year :D

Warm dinner
I'm grateful I finally ate a warm dinner again and I've like it. I normally hate to eat warm (only 1/2 pizza is okay) We ate something so great and I loved it again :D This sounds poor but it's just my eating troubled taste thing.

I'm grateful for my loving family and that whatever happens we are always there for eachother. In warm and cold days, we have a cozy home.

I'm grateful that I was able to write a blogpost today, that I've found the 
concentration to do it. I even wrote two!

Evening routine
I've grateful for that I'm gonna brush my dog now and that he's a very good puppy and let me brush him. That I never forget to do my skincare routine! That I have a healthy bed to sleep in and that I know I can wakeup with a smile because Jofee still sleeps in my room :D

I hope you had a wonderful, 
cozy and delicious Thanksgiving!