06 November 2014

Selfie etc!

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Today I'm keeping it short, because we're gonna watch Selfie! and I did have a very active day with Jofee and a hell of a night with some scary dreams about Jofee.. Yes, when the nightmares start of losing him, you wake up and know for sure you love him! :D Also Jofee and I did some shopping today for the first time!

So yesterday I found this amazing new, happy and fun series! We are all watching it with lots of fun. Yesterday how ever after Jofee got better he was a happy devil so we had to pause it a lot xD
Today he's way to tired I hope to be a devil. This series is so new and hot that if you really are into social media you'll having the time of your life watching it :D

So today I really wanted to do some shopping because I'm out of storage place for my Memestuff :O and Jofee needed to see the shopping centre, he behaved awesome till he got tired and started crying (really cute) in my arms. I got some new toys for him and a huge basket which I can close and store more on top :) I'll share soon how it looks with the Memestuff inside. Also I wanted to buy some OPI nail polishes (crazy cheap deal) and so now got 3 new colors! :D

I now need to make me some dinner and I have Jofee Duty.
How was you day? :)

Stay tuned for more etc-fun!