25 December 2014

Christmas: Our busy dinner & Jofee

Marjolein kucmer christmas xmas gourmet meat cheese hamburger light philadelphia vegetables dinner december
It's been 2 years since we had gourmet again! We had an amazing time doing this again and had a happy full tummy afterwards. I'm on a quite tight diet now and I managed to keep things in check very, very easily! :)

So I don't really like the sight of meat. I do like some things but then it really has to look really proper and clean. My seat was in the back of the picture at the left (next to Jofee) if you see the difference how the table is organized you see indeed that that's my spot haha. I'm surrounded by clean & proper meat (in my point of view!) and other stuff: some chicken, hamburgers, shoarma, cheese,, tomatoes and the sauces. I also had some light kcal sauces right next to me (I preferred those the most, because the taste was so unbelievable!) So I ate some of the meat surrounding me and mostly added salad with everything. My tummy is not so big and I very full, very fast. When I eat lots of different things it's even faster full than normal. Don't ask why it is like that my entire life :) I'm always the first who says "I'm full" :) so it's peanuts that diet of mine with Christmas ;)

Marjolein kucmer christmas xmas gourmet meat cheese hamburger light philadelphia vegetables dinner december jofee maltese puppy dog pet saccone joly cute adorable
Such a pretty face
No my little Jofee didn't spend his first Christmas in a cage! He has a wonderful time unboxing all kinds of cardboard boxes today but you'll see on Instagram soon! ;) He played so much, had so much fun and lost a teeth again. Jofee usually sleeps around 4 PM until around 7 PM. We started the gourmet around 6 pm and I was done so fast already, so I've waited a while and then I had chosen to take him out. Before doing that he looked so cute up to my sister walking around with some things for on the table (didn't see what it was) It was like 6:30 PM so he was waking up already and curious about what was going on. I really had to take a picture of his face like that. After this I took him on my lap with his bone (with my chair way further from the table than normal). He looked at the table and sniffed once and then he started chewing on his bone and was happy doing that, So for a whole lot of meat scents for the first time in his puppy nose... 
I'm super duper proud of him behaving so unbelievable good and respectfully to our dinner.

I wish everyone a Merry, merry Christmas o
already a happy second Christmas day!