10 December 2014

Jofee after his first puppy training

jofee jonathan saccone joly maltese dog puppy 16 weeks old 4 months cute adorable training marjolein kucmer sleeping
Super tired puppy face
So this evening was Jofee's first puppy training, Last time was canceled but they forgot the inform us because we were new that day. So today we went and it was amazing for me and him! So now he is exhausted and can sleep like a royalty because I also did some extra shopping for him today :O

Playing with the other puppies
First all the puppies could go off leash and play with each other. They advised to let the small dogs play and the big dogs. Every dog did so but Jofee didn't wanted to play with the small dogs (to slow and calm game) so he started challenging the big dogs and fell in love with a American Stafford I think was the breed. She was a super wild puppy and mostly he was scared of her but then again i started crying if he couldn't cuddle with her. Also playing with the other dogs was good. There was also one group of puppies running in a group around the field like a train and you really had to look out if not be overrun by them haha super cute!

The training
After playing the first part was to let him sit beside you and follow. Well that was chaos between us and then I figured out that I did it wrong by only a few centimeters and omg it made a huge difference! Jofee did very well. Then he got to learn and stay and again perfect! got huge compliments on how Jofee and I were working together. Then he needed to learn to come to me on the leash and again so good. And after I had to run to the other side of the field and he stayed with the trainer and she would let go and he had to run to me and sit, again perfect! well the last time he thought I probably can go running around after I get the cookie ;) The last part of the training was lay down and he didn't liked that so much because the grass was wet, But I know at home he already can do this command really well. So for the very first time he did amazingly good and I'm super proud at him!

Shopping for Jofee.
Today I got newspaper from my local animal shop that the cages were at sale again. He's still been sleeping in my room in his cage. Our home turns really cold at night (heating program). And my rooms stays warm because I sleep there. Also we have a poisoned mouse running downstairs at night so I want my puppy save! I've decided I wanted a second cage for in my room because now every morning and evening I'm carrying that cage upstairs, ouch my back! So problem solved :)

Other stuff
Lately I know I haven't been blogging that much because lots going one and you know Jofee etc. Also My mom has almost or full a neck hernia again. so I have to help her with groceries again 3 times a week and in the times Jofee sleeps I have to get things done etc. Today I've filmed a video, dunno how that worked out because I only had like 15 minutes to do so :O. Also my 2 beautiful white shelves you probably seen before are having problems. The holders failed and now I had to buy new once and wait for them to be installed on my wall again. So again more stuff and chaos in my room. Guess what this was my blogpost and it's bedtime already ;)

Hoep you had a wonderful day!