16 December 2014

Jofee's weird new games

jofee jonathan saccone joly maltese dog puppy 17 weeks old 4 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer tricks playing
"Who's my little boy?"
This blogpost is going to be a "short" one because it's also Jofee's bedtime. I really want to share with you the new games Jofee thought of to do indoors. I think he's being really creative and loves to puzzle around with his environment. Also found a sneaky way to get us into his game. 

New peepees/poopoos system.
So lately it's raining a lot and although I want to potty train him outside. I don't want him to get so wet. So I'm learning him this: When it's dry outside he does peepees in the back of the garden and when it's raining he his allowed do it indoors. But the new thing about this is he got a sort of potty for indoors. The bottom half bin of my old big rabbit cage. I've put newspapers in there that were normally laying on the ground. The first time he already knew what was asked of him and since then he never did a peepee in the house again.

Let his own toys do the peepee game
So this was kind of an intro to his next game. Just before he usually goes peepees like 2 minutes before. He takes a toy and puts it into the "rabbit thing". and looks at it and takes it out again (I'm hearing this so I look sometimes what he does) Then he takes another toy and brings it to the rabbit bin and then I'm already there because I've heard the footsteps on the rabbit bin again so I'm checking for peepees and see a toy in the rabbit bin, so I take out the toy and throw it back in the room. He's super happy and jumps after it to get it. Then little moment later, he alone runs to the rabbit bin and does peepees. This senario happened already a few times. It looks like he's playing to let his toys pee or something. I have no idea what he's thinking in this game. Also he's really a clean freak because he's checking me if I clean up his peepees. Like looking at his pee and then looking at me a few times.

jofee jonathan saccone joly maltese dog puppy 17 weeks old 4 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer tricks playing
Hide the blue puzzle piece
So he has a brain puzzle and he thinks it's piece of cake. The first day he came into the house, he was 7,5 weeks old then; first thing he did was solve the puzzle. I even got it on camera!! On this picture you see the blue thingies. Well, now he is more interested in playing football with them than puzzling. But he did found a new way to trick us into his came. He has figured out how to hit the blue piece with the right amount of power so it only moves a little bit forward. So he's really kind of footballing with it with his front paws. But because he's so in control he knows that if he puts the puzzle piece under the closets or couch, we would have to come and help him out. So what does he do: He plays a bit and oh oh I need to help him, but then the sneaky fox. He picks up the piece and walks to the couch, looks at me and with one front paw kick he puts the piece under the couch again and keeps looking at me. The other way is to move closer to the couch and acts like he's footballing again (really close to the couch) and suddenly he let himself fall on his side and again 1 kick and it's under the couch again. trust me when I say he's been doing this for a few days now. :)

Sometimes I really am amazed and somehow shocked how smart he is. and the way how he combines things. So not just play with one thing but really multitasks with his toys and environment.

But still a smart minds also needs his sleep.
So I see you tomorrow again with a haul from an Oriental supermarket 
which I've visit today and again a mask review! :D