14 December 2014

My favorite dinner!

marjolein kucmer diet bread cheese cucumber salt pepper egg evening xmas christmas december food dinner habit routine
For me!
Why not share what I had for dinner one time...  This may come as a shock but I eat this 5 times a week! Why this is, all happened for many, many reasons and now it is what it is and I'm happy with my delicious dinner! But if you read further you know why...

Very short version of why this is my dinner.
 I have very extreme limited taste, it's been like that for my entire life.
When I got braces; my front teeth roots shrunk (their mistake) Now it hurts when I bite on hard things.
Got a crappy dentist who kinda dislocated my jaw by making to thick and wrong fillings, ouch!
Got new amazing dentist and she fixed my teeth and my jaw is fine again but sensitive.
The only thing left are majorly sensitive teeth in the back; chewing on hard or gummy stuff hurts.

I already had a limited diet but this is kinda what's left.
Sure I do have other meals that I could eat but honestly this is the most delicious one there is!

LOL if you check this blogpost you see my dinners I've had from a whole week from last year in September when I still could chew on chewy bread :)

marjolein kucmer diet evening xmas christmas december food dinner jofee maltese puppy 4 months old dog pet 17 weeks old
Jofee heart the word "eten"
Eten means dinner/food, so he came running right away when I told my sister I was taking a picture of my "eten" haha! Also on my picture you see a little tiny bit of my corner missing. When I heat my bread shortly in the microwave, Jofee always wants his tiny crumb after.

My dinner is
2 slices of white bread
Thin layer of 75% less fat mayo 
1 slice of 30+ cheese
1 half/hard boiled egg
A bit of salt
9 slices of cucumber
A bit of pepper

Feel free to try out my dinner one day ;) haha
I'm addicted to it!