05 January 2015

A new Memebox plan!

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I'm back!
After long thinking about Memebox and asking myself where is the love?! I've found my way back, plus the love! After watching some good unboxings videos, good and fun chats with Genie and a very cool beauty investment and then I found my Memelove back!

My plan
1. Buy a set of huge softboxes, now before the sale is over!
2. Keep using my beauty investment and blog about it very soon!
3. Start blogging & Youtube about Memebox; Try more Youtube unboxings than blog unboxings, (because I losts the right boxes) probably makeup kind of unboxings will totally unboxed on my blog(for good swatch pictures) Other kind of Memeboxes will be unboxed on Youtube and with a overview picture on my blog. And there I'll shortly write the titles and prices of the products from the box.
4. Haul & review products on my blog & Youtube from the Memeshop!
5. Keep doing this until the full database is completed with unboxings!

What do you think of that?!

Stay tuned for more Memefun!