28 January 2015

Candysan Huge Japanese Candy Haul & Review #3

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review Petit Bear Chocolate House pocky pretz salade Copan Garlic Vegatable Crackers
Candy with a purpose ;)
After two super big hauls I've found out which candies and snacks were my most favorite and therefore I bought some more :P I've received this order right before Christmas and it's gone now ;) I'll haul & review them again real short and this time I've added their purpose to it haha :D

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review Petit Bear Chocolate House pocky pretz salade Copan Garlic Vegatable Crackers
Their purpose
So I often want to snack something while watching or doing something.

1. Copan - Garlic > price: $1.14 / link to product
Small crackers with garlic.
*I love to eat these while watching the Originals (5 episodes of happiness :D)*
These are so epically amazing and I'm addicted! Best crackers ever and yes I always need more, always!

2. Otona Petit - Vegetable Crackers > price: $1.06 / link to product
Tiny 7 vegetables crackers.
*I've ate this a few times watching my favorite youtubers chat about beauty and their life*
This cookie really taste like a amazing yummy salad and my sister named rucola salad, It also taste a bit like pizza. just so amazingly good! :)

3. Petit Bear Chocolate House > price: $9.68 / link to product
Special set to build a chocolate and biscuits house from zero. Everything you will need is included (chocolate, biscuits and molds). 
*I ate all the chocolate cookie parts when I was cleaning my room*
I loved the extra bear toy, got the purple one! I failed to make the house though, don't ask lol. But all the cookie parts were so yummy and addictive!

4. Pocky > price: $1,65 / link to product
Chocolate milk Pocky
*I love to eat this while watching Taiwanese drama series, ToGetHer for example.*
These pocky are famous and so delicious! They taste like heaven and are nice and crunchy. Do I want more? yes of course, always!

5. Pretz Salada > price: $1,14 / link to product
Salada and salt flavor biscuit sticks.
*Loved to eat them when I was blogging, mostly reviews, don't know why that was.*
They are so good and also very addictive! They are quite salty and you get that weird feeling on your lips when you're done after 1 small package. but the salad taste is so epic!

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review torotto country maám crispy choco baumkuchen otona petit puku puku tai copan hellot kitty apollo m&m rilakkuma 2
Check out this amazing Japanese candy shop!
Click the picture above.
Have you every tried one of these snacks before?!

Stay tuned for more candyfun!