12 January 2015

Jofee & a the thumb, plus some life updates!

jofee saccone joly maltese dog puppy 21 weeks old 4 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer playing bed time thumb rolling
His thumb moments
In this blogpost I'll share his before thumbtime story and an update about today, we had to go to the vet; poor Jofee had ouchies, but no worries he's happily snoring now and me got ouches plus a bedroom update! :)

Thumbs up!
So every evening before Jofee goes to bed (deluxe cage next close to my bed) He loves to been put on my bed and roll around with my thumb in his mouth xD and he makes little piggy snoring sounds while doing that. After that he goes wild and runs around on the bed and tries to stick his nose between the pillows and makes piggy sounds around. Then he settles and I pick him up and lay him in his royal cage :P I love, how he loves this little routine. It's so cute! I can't really make better and full body pictures of this because someone has my thumb in his mouth xD

Jofee Ouchies
A few days ago I saw something on his one of his paws and it looked like a little crust but already healing or something. We were like hmm let it rest en check again later if it would be gone by then. This morning he was really busy with that paw and on one moment when I realized he wouldn't stop I checked it and It looked all red and burnish. It was a small open wound but with no blood but looked so painful. I had to take Jofee close to me or on my lap the entire day because we had the appointment late in the afternoon. She said he might have stepped in something, so we got some honey healing cream/balm for wounds. This has to be on there for at least 30, so I sat down with him and put him on his back on my lap. It smells nice :) I had no problems while waiting, but Jofee was crying so much so I gave him a piggy ear to distract him. This cream thing has to be put on his wound twice a day. After I put him in his basket under my desk we went to sleep right away because he skipped all his naps during the day: so no licking the wound yay! But the honey cream softens the pain for him plus heals it quick and cuddles makes him happy :)

My ouchies and room update
So yesterday I didn't blog and today I do blog with updates about everything. Yesterday I've been so busy, changed a big part of my room :D This way it will be much easier for me to have access to my super huge Memebox, better way of filming without light troubles,  bigger view out of me room etc! While moving furniture around I've hurt myself a few times and now I got ouchies. So I received some big painful blisters on my feet, dunno how that happened but they hurt! Also I've "broke" my bed (it's fixed again) but while doing that I've hurt my knee and it's now pretty dark bluish. But in the end my room looks fabulous and I'm happy with it :D Now we'll soon see how it works with taking pictures and filming for my blog :D

Now I have to brush jofee and then it's thumb time again :)
I hope you had a wonderful day with no ouchies!