21 January 2015

Memebox (미미박스) 2 NEW Memeboxes!!

Memebox January Box GLOBAL #19 Luckybox #13 2015 미미박스 Commercial
 Time to party and feel lucky!
Memebox just brought out 2 new Memeboxes, feels like home again to see boxes like these, don't you think?! I've bought the January box too, so curious! Click on read more to find some extra information about these 2 boxes and get great coupon codes!

Memebox January Box GLOBAL #19 2015 미미박스 Commercial

January Box
January Box AKA Memebox Global #19 will surely not disappoint! It's got everything from essential skincare, to skin perfecting miracles, and beauty-boosting body products to help start your new year off right! Grab this box to learn a few new beauty lessons or two! :)

Memebox Luckybox #13 2015 미미박스 Commercial
Luckybox #13
Are you ready to meet and greet the hottest K-Beauty of all times? This Luckybox contains all the most raved about, most talked about, and most buzzed about goodies to rev up your beauty in 2015!

♡ Coupon Codes! ♡
MEMEBUNDLE3 Get $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 Get $8 off for 4 Memeboxes or more
FREESHIPPONY50 on Memeshop orders above $50
FREESHIPPING on Memeshop orders above $70
Spend more than $100 (excl shipping) you'll get $5 off extra!
Spend more than $150 (excl shipping) you'll get $10 off extra!

WZJUKS Get $5 off $30 or more!!

Special USA only code
4D5PBL Save 10% on Korean Beauty Starter Kit #beginwithskin (limit 5x use)

So I'm bought the Global #19 in a bundle, because I think that the Global boxes have great variety and are fun! Luckyboxes are always amazing but this time i say no because i have like a huge chest full of Memebox products so I would probably get doubles again and lots ;) 
Now I'm gonna enjoy the newest episode of the Originals! I've earned it! 
(puppy training with Jofee in freezing cold weather!)

Stay tuned for more Memefun!