27 January 2015

Memebox (미미박스) 3 NEW boxes + 2 new coupon codes!

♡ Epic romantic new arrivals! ♡
These boxes really makes me wanna buy a Memebox again! I'm honestly thinking of buying that Seeds & flowers box, because I'm longing for spring and that picture looks just epic lol :) I'm in need of a new Memebox! Also those Valentine day boxes looks really promising! Let's check out the information about these sweet boxes shall we ;)

 Memebox Seeds & Flowers 
Congratulations guys! We made it through the brutal winds, freezing temps, and cold, cold winter! And now, we’re about to sail smooth into warmer spring season, but as the weather changes, so too should your skincare regime. With the warmer spring season bringing in a mix of gentle breezes and sunnier days, we also invite pollen, dirt, and stronger sun rays to rampage our skin and body! This box is your ticket to gorgeous, glowing skin all year long! It is literally bursting with goodies that will safeguard you from the beauty perils that come with the sunnier seasons - antioxidant-rich seeds to protect and strengthen, and flower-infused cosmetics to soothe and heal, for a glowing complexion that will be the envy of all! 

 Memebox Valentines's Day #2 Candy for Me 
Whether you’re single or with someone, Valentine’s Day is a good day to be a lady! It’s because it’s the one and only day where you can get away with some indulgent self-gifts for decadent, self pampering. Because you’re so awesome, we gift you something super sweet!  A box full of candy-scented, wonderliciously made, and scrumptious-looking Korean beauty skincare, makeup, and body goodies that will sweeten up your year! Screw Cupid, who says you need a valentine to get great gifts on Valentine’s Day? 

 Memebox Valentines's Day #1 Gifts For You 
Your heart belongs to someone, and you want them to know it, especially on Valentine’s Day, the international day of L-O-V-E! Whether it’s mom, sister, cousin, aunt, or friend, show your favorite gal pal your token of appreciation in the season of love with this specially curated box! This unique collection of innovative K-beauty skincare and body selects is perfect for expressing your one-of-a-kind love!Yes, it’s no ring in a box, but this box full of wonderlicious K-Beauty goodies will get her beaming! Each goody packs a punch on its own, but all together, it’s a mega K-Beauty punch that will get her jumping with excitement!

Best value set
 Valentines's Day #1 Gifts For You + Valentines's Day #2 Candy For Me + Seeds & Flowers 
Click the picture above for that valueset. The other options are:

♡ Coupon Codes! ♡
MEMEBUNDLE3 Get $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 Get $8 off for 4 Memeboxes or more
FREESHIPPING on Memeshop orders above $70
Spend more than $100 and you'll get $5 off extra if you use my links!
Spend more than $150 and you'll get $10 off extra if you use my links!

WZJUKS Get $3 off $30 or more!!

M6LQ & 92ELGet 10% off select boxes! 

Selected boxes are

Give me a beauty nap to think about buying the 
Memebox Seeds & Flowers and then I'll probably buy it... 
What do you think of these new arrivals?!

Stay tuned for more Memefun!