23 January 2015

My fashion confessions closet tour!

Marjolein kucmer rilakkuma pink cute etude house flowers room tour closet fashion decor clothes shoes colors
Open sesame!
Today I was folding clean laundry (dark tones) in the time Jofee had his naptime. I had planned to open my Memechest and check the dates but no time. too much laundry to fold! So I thought why not chit chat about fashion and give you my fashion confession :)

Marjolein kucmer rilakkuma pink cute etude house flowers room tour closet fashion decor clothes shoes colors
Scarves hanger
So on my left door I've hung my most favorite scarves to wear daily, and to wear only in winter with this kind of weather we have here now; tiny bit below 0'C. Also I storage here some of my leather bags. I Only have a few leather bags because I don't switch of bag so often. Just have a few different shapes and colors. Also you'll find here my floppy hats (3x) and some Rilakkuma's. I also storage my Rilakkuma stickers in that Rilakkuma hanger, I was out of ideas :D

Marjolein kucmer rilakkuma pink cute etude house flowers room tour closet fashion decor clothes shoes colors
Left door
Yes this is full and I still have laundry to do. So from top shelf to bottom shelf and from left to right. I have 4 or 5 piles on each shelf. The first pile behind the wall were you only see a little part from are my super thick knitted sweaters and cardigans for super cold winters (-10 'C) The next pile are summer shorts, spring pants and jeans skirts. The next pile are colored pants and the next pile are all sorts of jeans. Also on the last 3 piles on the top are some little piles of sweaters and cardigans. I didn't have space for a pile of thin winter clothes for 0'C weather.
On the first pile on the next shelf you can't see but there is my pj pile with my Rilakkuma and geisha pj's and nightgowns. The second pile are my cardigans, thin and medium thickness. The next pile are my basic tops; always wear tops under everything! Then the next pile are my tshirts and long sleeves combined. The last pile are some of my leggings and a big black cardigan on top.

Marjolein kucmer rilakkuma pink cute etude house flowers room tour closet fashion decor clothes shoes colors
Right door
This is where I storage everything that can't be folded or are too precious to be folded. But how do I explain this closet lol :) Well let's go from left to right. On the very left there where you can't see are my Victorian nightgown and my pretty evening dresses. Then you see a brown leather skirt. then you have some long maxi dresses with different styles; Bohemian, basics, khaleesi inspired, new age etc. Then there are some shirts in bohemian style and then there are my 3 silk shirts (white, blue and pink). No where come to my skirts which are a maxi blue skirt and then some shorts skirts which I recently bought for spring (one in black with pink flowers) and more colors. The next items are a few cotton cardigans in blue and beige and after that there comes the flowy tops in all kinds of colors. We've passed the middle yay! Some more shirts and then my light colored shirts and blouses. That was a big step, on to the jackets I've got some fake leather jackets of there and a few denim jackets and blouses (behind the wall) The further behind the wall are some burgundy shirts I didn't really wore this winter and not planning too. I love me some pink because I'm longing for spring

No I'm not going to show all my shoes right now, that's bit too much! But you may request that for a future blogpost if you want to see :) Just going to tell you about the most common shoes for me to pick for an everyday look. on the left in front, my Leather black boots that walk so soft! In the middle my New Look leather ankle boots that walk like heaven! And then my new H&M leather ankle boots. In the back you some sneakers these are my Esprit wedge sneakers in black (also have those in beige) And my Yeswalker flats that are too cold for now, but just standing there :)

Oh Oh
So the confession is.. I have too much and I need more space. I just can't say no to clothes. Honestly I'm not a fashion guru or how you say it and going with all the trends. I have my own style and there is a lot of variety in there. Also I'm not a person that throws away good clothes because they maybe are not trendy anymore. Pff so what I'm not trendy, I have my own trend! ;) Also just bought some crop tops from last year's spring fashion because they looked cute! I throw away fashion when I hate it and will hate it forever or it's dead.

But the worst of it all... I have more laundry to do. Then I'm talking about a basket with raspberry colored clothes, a basket with green clothes and multi colored stuff! So I need to clear out some room in another closet fast before I'm covered in fashion!

Btw tomorrow I'm getting a new package from H&M at my doorstep YAY!
How do you deal with your fashion crave?!