11 February 2015

Memebox is swimming and much more! *updated!

Soon an epic review!
Yes, no 9 Memebox blogposts today. 1; It's killing me and 2: ask Memebox. Also I'm totally broken from puppy training and I have lots of thoughts on my might. Wanna know what?!

Memebox is swimming
So this Memebox Challenge kinda fell into the water because it does takes super long to write Memebox unboxings. Taking pictures of 15 Memeboxes takes an half a day and to edit all them takes  like a few hours then to write 1 Memebox unboxing takes 1 hours, sometimes 30 minutes but then I'm really in speedy mode and the info text is really easy for me to read. So yeah unboxing all 47 Memeboxes is a hell of a job, a fun job because I got the finish it but also because Memebox gives you something extra and now...I've emailed them about this and I wait. 
*Pff who cares, I'm going to finish my challenge anyway, I love it! :)*

Walking in circles thinking about other personal stuff in life...

My blog; change of plans, but what?
I see I've walked into a way of blogging and now I feel kinda of stuck and I want something more! I love to haul & review about beauty stuff etc but now I feel it's all I do, I want to do more on my blog and so I'm brainstorming on what  to do. I thought of doing more tags, play with makeup and share my opinion and look with you. fashion hauls & reviews, Asian music hauls & reviews. Yes I really like to haul and review :D Maybe just chit chat things. I used to love to bake but not that interested. This year gardening would be just some bunch of flowers because Jofee isn't used to Pumpkins yet and other plants. And other things but I want more with my blog and not feeling stuck with only beauty stuff. 
*I'll walk in circles after my Meme unboxing challenge ;)*

My obsessions
I'm shopping again and lately I'm loving to shop for leather epic shoes for spring and summer! Also I'm on a obsessive search for pastel yellow eye makeup!
*Got my shoes, love 'm and still obsessed with pastel yellow!*

See you soon! (with an Etude House haul)