17 February 2015

Memebox (미미박스) Special #26 Hand & Nail Care

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review
Shake those hands!
Well this is the most perfect timing ever for an unboxing! It's winter and these days my hands and nails are screaming for some nice hand creams and treatments. first it was only my lips that has issues but the weather keeps on killing me more and more. I hope this Memebox will save my hands!

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review look inside
Better than I thought!
I've bought this box with a risk of getting tons of nail polishes. On the box picture there were shown a hand with lots of nail polishes. and I thought why not, let's see what we'll get! and this box is amazing, so much variety of products!

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review pure skin care pack pure plus hydrogel nail patch
Pure skin - Hand care pack
fullsize 15g $4
With collagen, witch hazel, and grapefruit, grape, baobab tree, and olive extracts it will deeply moisturize, nourish, and firms up roughened hands while removing excess skin impurities.

Pure Plus - Hydrogel moisturizing nail patch
fullsize 2.5g $8
With collagen, ilk, pearl powder, gold, and paraffin this hydrogel nail patch will delivers moisture and nutrition deep into your nails for visible improvement in your nail condition.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review sur 3d magnet black diamind art pen
Sur - 3D & magnet - Black diamond & Nail art pen  - 20
fullsize 12ml + 7ml $29
You can create gorgeous nail art within minutes with this revolutionary nail polish with a magnet to create different shapes and a nail art pen to create amazing designs.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review barbinie shea butter hand cream shara gommage
Barbinie - shea butter hand cream - White lily
fullsize 50ml $18
Enriched with shea butter and aloe vera extracts, this hand cream will deliver deep nourishment and moisture relieve, and helps maintain moist, supple hands.

Shara shara - soft hand gommage
fullsize 50ml $6
This peeling gel for dry callused hands works to remove any hardened calluses and skin impurities , leaving your hands soft and silky smooth.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care unboxing review with shyan care set file strengthener treatment oil
With Shyan - Dr. care set dr.01 + paper file
fullsize 15ml + 1ea $13
The dr.01 will strengthen for the roots of your nails and works to protects further damaged on split, broken nails. Then use the file to create the right shape and length.

With Shyan - Baby hand set Treatment oil - Lemon + Nail wall file
fullsize 15ml + 1ea $9
With lemon juice and vitamin E this treatment will helps nourish and soften roughened calluses and cuticles on your nails. The file will gently file away softened calluses and cuticles.

Do you want to buy a Memebox? A Memebox? YES, a Memebox!
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What I paid:
The box costs $23 + $6.99 shipping.
I paid $8 and 6.99 shipping costs.
I've used a $15 off coupon code.

 The value
Memebox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care is worth $150

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Conclusion: A gommage discovery!
So again this word gommage! I couldn't find what it really meant I English thinking it was an English word... Google translator I love you. So everywhere you get this explanations about peeling and moisturizing.. The translation is scrub / peeling. and yes those can be moisturizing too but the first plan with it is peeling or scrubbing! and I love those to so now I'm super duper happy with my gommage! :D It comes out like a sheer gel and it smells really soft, like a hand product ;) The hand cream gives great moisture but the scent is not really my thing. Maybe my mom or sister would like it (all hand cream addicts!) I'm very happy with the lemon treatment oil, smells so fresh and I really should use these oils more often! Also I'm really happy with the strengthener because my nails are dying at the moment and I don't know why (can I blame weather?) So I really need to strengthen my nails up and I really don't have a good nail strengthener yet! I'm super happy I got the black diamond color from the nail polish! Because shortly before I had bought this box I've bought 2 of these nail polishes in the colors Ruby violet and Purple sapphire. The only two options where emerald and black diamond! So no doubles! :) The hand and nail mask I'll use when I'm going to have a spa day for my hands soon when I'm going to use all of these products! I really like this box and I'm so happy it weren't all nail polishes :D If you have any requests for reviews about a product(s) just ask in the comments. Also I will review the products I love most of every Memebox I own. I mostly review 4 products at a time or else it will be a never ending blogpost. Or maybe I'll make a video about it with more products, who knows :) I hope you've enjoyed this blogpost, see you in my next one!

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!