14 February 2015

Memebox (미미박스) Special #32 OMG 2

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #32 OMG 2 box unboxing review
Addiction box
When I was the most addictive to shopping for Memeboxes, I've bought this Memebox with some others and I honestly the only reason why is; I need to have this box. no other haha :D I'm now, when my addiction is calm again, very curious for all products in this box! Epic and weird products ;)

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #32 OMG 2 box unboxing review look inside
Bite me!
That vampire looking cream looks so cool! Again Ladykin in a Memebox! I love that brand! Also that gel mist must have lavender in it by the looks of it! I'm so going to love this box! Let's unbox.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #32 OMG 2 box unboxing review priori aroma moisture mist cristallin cellulose mask
Cristallin - Cellulose mask
fullsize 28g 2ea $10
This mask encourages the skin's natural recovery function by providing rich infusion of nutrition to help improve skin's clarity and elasticity.

Priori - Aroma ac moisture gel mist
fullsize 100ml $24
With bee venom, propolis, spohara roots, balloon flower roots, lavender aroma essential oil and multi EX magnotics will soothe, treat skin troubles and blemishes, and purifies the skin.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #32 OMG 2 box unboxing review haruen dorothy ladykin vampir dark repair cream
Ladykin - Vampir dark repair cream
fullsize 50ml $50
It restores luminosity, corrects weak moisture barriers, and protects skin from future discolorations. It diminish dark spots and brightens dull, uneven skin, and works anti-aging.

Haruen Dorothy - Haruen -S
fullsize 1ea $26
This 100% volcanic roller ball will absorb excess oil, grease, and other blackhead and acne inducers. It eliminates excess sebum and shine for a fresh look and longer-lasting makeup.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #32 OMG 2 box unboxing review milky dress bohr effect gel seatree total solution
Milky Dress - Bohr-effect carboxy gel
fullsize 1set $24
This 2 step mask will cleanse deep down into the pores and removing bacteria. It firms and tightens sagging skin. This all for a more smoothed and moisturized skin.

Seatree - Syn-ake total solution
fullsize 100ml $19
With syn-ake peptides, hyaluronic acid works to help deliver repair where needed, It addresses uneven skintone, lines, and wrinkles for a firmer, more radiant and supple skin.

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What I paid:
The box costs $23 + $6.99 shipping.
I paid $11.89 and $2.33 shipping costs.
This was a 3 box value set and so the shipping is divided by 3.
I've bought 5 boxes in this order and so the next deals are divided by 5.
I had 27 Memepoints, a 15% off coupon code and $5 off with affiliate discount.

 The value
Memebox Special #32 OMG 2 is worth $153

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Conclusion: Feel so lucky with this box!
I was so curious about this vampir cream that I bought the hand cream to go with it a few days ago xD This cream smells so amazing, It reminds me of an all natural store in my city. I love it, it calms my mind down. Also normally it don't say yes to white creams but this one seems to absorb really fast into my skin and doesn't leave a thick sticky moist layer; My skin feels so soft and happy! Also really love the packaging! Both mask type product in this box I've stored up in my mask chest. I really have to sit down there and see in which order I'm going to use my mask (dates) I'm not a masky type but maybe when I'm going to use them all; I will be in the end. The syn-ake product looks weird mainly because I can't figure out what the consistency must be. Can't look in the bottle. Have to check it out more because now it looks like a watery essence with a stream of white in it. Almost like it's gone bad but maybe that's the product. Have to investigate further to find the "solution" ;) The volcanic roller is really epic. It does exactly what it said in the description and you get an extra ball inside the product hidden :D I love me some gel mists! I often also use them to spray 3 times in my hands and use it as day moisturizer :D I really love this one to and I've seen that there is another one of this brand in another box somewhere too :D It makes my skin feel happy! Yes I really like this box, sure not a mask fan but I just pause my comment on those ;) If you have any requests for reviews about a product(s) just ask in the comments. Also I will review the products I love most of every memebox I own. I mostly review 4 products at a time or else it will be a never ending blogpost. Or maybe I'll make a video about it with more products, who knows :)
Furthermore; I didn't watched the Vampire diaries yesterday, was way too busy writing unboxings. It went so super duper slow, the information card was very difficult for me to read and shorten the info. Eating some chocolate yogurt to add some sugar in me so I can blog and read faster xD I should put on a light now I'm at it. It's becoming dark already!

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!