15 February 2015

Memebox (미미박스) Special #33 K-Style 2

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box
More makeup! :D
I really loved the first K-Style Memebox so I decided to get the second one too :D Sure I can shop for the makeup I directly want, need or whatever. But I really like to be surprised and get stuff I might never buy or think of myself.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box look inside
A new world
Memebox with its makeup themed boxes really has opened a new world of colors for me to love. The pop kind of colors, who knew they would match me so good (always would go for rosy nudes and wine colors) This box again is a new world to me! Come on, fake lashes :D

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box original raw ten cushion foundation secret stargirl delicate
Secret Startgirl - S-Style - No. 14 Delicate Eye
fullsize 2set $7
These Kpop style fake lashes will create the most natural eyes which is not too long or short. When applied make sure to adhere tem thoroughly from beginning to end.

Original Raw - Ten cushion foundation
fullsize 13g $32
This is a makeup base, cc cream, moisturizing essence, moisturizing pact, and a sunblock which will soothe, brighten up, smooth out, moisturize and cover up skin imperfections.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box royal nature shadeliner shara color eyes stick shadow
Shara shara - Color eye stick shadow - Gl01 Caramel gold
fullsize 1.4g $7
They easily glide onto the skin and leaves a silky smooth finish. The romantic shadow is creamy in texture and comes in an auto stick-type.

Royal Nature - Pantone shadeliner - 467C Sweetly you
fullsize 0.8g $12
An auto type and easily gliding gel liner which includes a sharpening. It fully dries within 5 seconds of application and boosts a long-lasting, it's water proof and oil-proof finish.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box eglips real color lip kp03 rire luxe eyeliner black
Eglips - Real color lip lacquer - PK03
fullsize 6g $14
It's a lipgloss, a lipstick, and a lip tint all in one. With trendy vibrant colors leaving your lips moist, glossy and radiant all day long.

RiRe - Luxe mirror eyeliner - black
fullsize 1ea $14
It comes with a tiny mirror on the back. The eyeliner is strong against water, oil, and sweat. The thin brush will smoothly fills in between the lashes for a deep, well-defined look.

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What I paid:
The box costs $23 + $6.99 shipping.
I paid $11.89 and $2.33 shipping costs.
This was a 3 box value set and so the shipping is divided by 3.
I've bought 5 boxes in this order and so the next deals are divided by 5.
I had 27 Memepoints, a 15% off coupon code and $5 off with affiliate discount.

 The value
Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2 is worth $86

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겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Special #33 K-Style 2 unboxing review box swatch
Conclusion: Beautiful colors!
I've used a few items already a couple of times and I really like them. Honestly I'm scared to use the RiRe eyeliner because I've never used such a strong liquid eyeliner before in my life. don't want to ruin an eyelook :P The brown gel liner is sweet and is perfect for a natural look, I really love it and the gold shadow stick looks very beautiful matched with the brown eyeliner. Btw the brown gel liner is not waterproof, it's smudge proof though. The lip product stains super duper hard I love it. I didn't love it for my swatches before in future other makeup boxes you can see this stain a bit through haha. But the color is so pretty and summery, and for just everyday! The ten cushion foundation has a beautiful finish, only swatched in on my hands and cheek one time and it matches my skintone. I haven't tested all my new foundations, bb and cc creams yet. Mostly I do this on one day, sit down and paint away to see which one could be favorites. Also I really have to sit down for fake eyelashes one day. I do have a super cheap set, which will be my first ones to try before these. I really like this box and It challenges me to try out new things again! Yay! If you have any requests for reviews about a product(s) just ask in the comments. Also I will review the products I love most of every memebox I own. I mostly review 4 products at a time or else it will be a never ending blogpost. Or maybe I'll make a video about it with more products, who knows :)
Furthermore; Not much to say in this part, but I'm not really sure I'll make it to the 8 Memebox unboxings today because of my pc chaos I had today. Took away the half of my day!

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!