17 February 2015

Memebox (미미박스) Special #49 Hair & body 4: Spa Edition

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox special #49 Hair &body 4 Spa Edition unboxing review
Box in a bathtub!
I've bought this Memebox because I loved all the other hair & body Memeboxes too, Just to surprise me with something other than skincare and makeup. Also I'm always hoping to find shampoos in these kind of boxes because I hate shopping for shampoo myself :P

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox special #49 Hair &body 4 Spa Edition unboxing review look inside
YAY shampoo!
I always wash my hair first with a "regular" shampoo and then with my favorite shampoo (now the Skinfood argan oil silk) and then after I use the conditioner, So seeing a shampoo in this box makes me happy, it could be a "regular" shampoo, hopefully an epic one; but the skinfood one is a hard one to win from. The other products looks promising too but first I need to read that info card to know ;)

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox special #49 Hair &body 4 Spa Edition unboxing review swanicoco nadu skin pack mini
Swanicoco - 100% natural peeling herb pack
fullsize 25ml $12
With 100% natural medicinal herbs this peeling pack will exfoliate dead skin cells and skin impurities, and to soften and smoothen coarse skin texture. Can be used for body and face.

Nadu Skin - Aroma mini bathboom
fullsize 20g $2
These bath tablets infused with aroma essential oil will help cleanse and de-stress by stimulation blood circulation. When dropped in water, it melts instantly leaving a subtle scent.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox special #49 Hair &body 4 Spa Edition unboxing review mstar xamian foot
Zamian - Clean foot
fullsize 50ml $36
This foot care looks like a pair of socks that you can wear for an hour and in the next few days dead skins will peel off from your feet creating the softest and smoothest feet.

Mstar - Malus intensive hair treatment
fullsize 30g $15
Enriched with apple extracts, panhtenol, and 40 different kind of natural ingredients to deliver rich nutrition and moisture deep into dry, damaged hair for glossier ends and healthier scalp.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox special #49 Hair &body 4 Spa Edition unboxing review milky dress shampoo dermahouse
Milky Dress - Pink lovely fast shampoo
fullsize 200ml $40
This hydrating and repairing shampoo will calm the scalp and strengthens the hair. It prevents hair loss and treats inflammation on the scalp for a more glossier hair and healthier scalp.

Dermahouse - Stretch care cream
fullsize 180ml $20
With the pitot essential oil complex it will help prevent and reduce new and recent stretch marks, Improves elasticity to withstand stretching, it keeps the skin supple, firm and moist

Do you want to buy a Memebox? A Memebox? YES, a Memebox!
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What I paid:
The box costs $23 + $6.99 shipping.
I paid $12,20 and 2.33 shipping costs.
I've bought the box in a valueset so shipping divided by 3.
I've bought 6 boxes in this order and so the next deals are divided by 6.
I had 30 Memepoints, a 15% off coupon code and $10 off with affiliate discount.

 The value
Memebox Special #49 Hair & body 4: Spa Edition is worth $125

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Conclusion: I need time to relax!
After this challenge I'm going to really take some time to relax! This box is going to help me with that! The little bathbooms smell so lovely and calming. though I have not a bathtub I could drop it into a foot bath ;) but then I wonder if Jofee would want to drink my flowery foot bath haha! I could have used the shampoo today, aah silly me! Well no worries I'm going to use this shampoo soon because my regular shampoo is almost empty. I haven't smelled it yet but I think it will be fine! Also the pack sounds very interesting but I wonder for the body wash will I need the whole thing or only a little bit? Well we'll see. The word herb made me happy! :D The hair treatment smells amazing and so soft, I love it! I'm hoping it would be just as good as the treatments from the From Nature Memebox. I'm very curious about the peeling foot mask, I really love those things. Btw never, ever wear peeling foot socks in winter when you are a person with sweaty feet! I've shared the whole story why this is here (My feet experience). But I can't wait to use them soon when spring arrives! Also the stretch cream I could use right now because I had gained some weight in the last year and now I'm losing that all but my body can't keep secrets so this really comes in handy! Overall I think this box is very good and there are nice products in it. Not hyper about the box but all these products will be of use. Feels like a a regular shopping bag for me ;) If you have any requests for reviews about a product(s) just ask in the comments. Also I will review the products I love most of every Memebox I own. I mostly review 4 products at a time or else it will be a never ending blogpost. Or maybe I'll make a video about it with more products, who knows :) I hope you've enjoyed this blogpost, see you in my next one!

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!