14 February 2015

Memebox (미미박스) Superbox #39 Foot Care 2

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review
Happy feet!
Spring is comming soon and which means we are going to wear sandals and all kinds of feet showing shoes! We do need to have the most perfect baby feet looking footsies ever! I love taking care of my feet! This Memebox makes me really happy!

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review look inside
So much goodies!
We even got a tool in this box, which is epic! Surprisingly no peeling mask but I'll live ;) I can have very troubling feet. Honestly they hate winter and makes my socks smell in like a few hours stuck in boots! I need spring!

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review with shyan sugar remover
With Shyan - Sugar remover
fullsize 70g $12
Made with sugar-like ceramic surface for effectively removing all dead skin cells and callus of your heels. This item will solve your calluses problems.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review with shyan cream  koel peeling balm
With Shyan - Women cream
fullsize 150ml $11
With more than 1,500mg of cherry blossom extracts this cream will deliver intense hydration and nourishment to your feet. Recommended using after having your feet scrubbed.

Koelf - Peeling balm
fullsize 40g $13
This moisturizing balm will soften and smooth out hardened calluses on your heels , knees, elbows and wherever necessary. Effective for women's feet suffering from high heels.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review lahabitat foot cooling mist With shayan woman powder
Lahabitat - JJ foot cooling foot mist
fulsize 40ml $14
With chamomile water, lavender water, apple mint leaf extracts, and rosemary leaf water this foot mist works to cool, soothe, moisturize, and mitigate the unnecessary odor from your feet.

Why Shyan - Women powder
fullsize 10g $13
Scented with cherry blossom fragrance. This powder will maintain your feel silky smooth, oil-free, and smell-free. It's also very easy to carry around.

겟잇뷰티박스 by 미미박스 memebox beautybox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 box unboxing review petifree dry essence packaromawix spa salt
Petitfee - Dry essence foot pack
fullsize 1 pack 2ea $3
Enriched with aloe vera extracts for deeply hydrating, nourishing, and softening the hardened calluses on your heels. It also treats troubled toe nails and roughened skin.

Aromawiz - Spa aroma salt - Happiness
fullsize 50g $19
Heal your mind, body, and soul with these natural aroma therapy bath salts. They are made from sun-dried salt, organic essential oils and various natural plant extracts.

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What I paid:
The box costs $20 + $6.99 shipping.
I paid $10.00 and 1.99 shipping costs.
I had 10 Memepoints, and a $5 off coupon code.

 The value
Memebox Superbox #39 Foot Care 2 is worth $85

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Conclusion: Come on weather let me wear heels!
The big cherry blossom cream smells amazing, still sealed but the scent is so strong it comes through! Also I'm very happy with this scent, because the last foot cream I had smelled awful and wouldn't absorb! I hope this product does wonders for me when I'm ready to open it for spring. The mask, salts and balm I also keep closed for when spring is really here. Don't want the products to go bad before I can use them :)I do thing the foot balm looks like a packaging for lip balm we have here in the Netherlands. Also I'm really happy with the happiness type of salts (Relax could be lovely too). The foot mist smells like a Greek kind of alcohol shot that you get before your entire dinner starts. It smells like good memories for me I'll so use this when people die from the odor from my feet lol haha :D but I will! :D The pink powder looks so super cute and smells like baby feet dipped in cherry blossom sauce! Also I'm super duper happy with the sugar remover. My remover thing tool broke and got lost last autumn. I only used peeling masks this winter. So I'm really happy I got one again :D I think this box is going to be my bff when spring really arrives and I need to wear me some pretty heels and sandals! :) If you have any requests for reviews about a product(s) just ask in the comments. Also I will review the products I love most of every memebox I own. I mostly review 4 products at a time or else it will be a never ending blogpost. Or maybe I'll make a video about it with more products, who knows :)
Furthermore; Jofee is bed hopping xD He has like 4 beds in this part of the room and he's constantly changing where to lay down... he stands and needs to pee..great! Okay that's done lol :D The next Memebox unboxing post with be in Hexagon shapes, guess what's it about!? :D

 Stay tuned for more Memefun!