26 February 2015

Spring & Summer Candle Haul & Review!

Spring Summer Candle Haul marjolein kucmer yellow pastel pink purple raspberry yogurt cherry blossom lilac magnolia flumeria
Candle heaven
Recently I've bought some delicious and lightweight scented candles, I really wanted some fresh and flowery scents to prep my room for for Spring and Summer! Almost of 90% of scent candles, I'll get instant headaches from. Therefore I only burn beeswax candles, because the scent calms me and doesn't give me headaches. It's rare, if I find scent candles which make me happy! HAUL!! :D

Spring Summer Candle Haul marjolein kucmer yellow pastel pink purple bolcius aromatic magnolia cherry blossom
Bolsius - Aromatica - Magnolia
Well this scent candle smells more like Cherry Blossom and pink soft flowers in general. The scent is super lightweight and silk like. The color matches my room perfectly! A picture with the scent would be a morning after sleeping in fresh sheets with the spring sun waking you up and a small soft breeze coming from your window.

I got these candles when I was rushing into the grocery store for pizza in the evening, forgot to buy my Friday pizza. Then I saw this board what I read was; Instead of €4 now only for €2! Then I thought hmm let's sniff and risk. Never bought these candles before so I thought yeah, cheap candle! With one in my hand the grocery lady said; it's 2 for the prince of 1. I was like yay and then I got two! :D

Spring Summer Candle Haul marjolein kucmer yellow pastel pink purple fumare candle glass plumeria
Fumare Candle - Glass candle - Plumeria
plumeria, sounds familiar but it also doesn't smell like it, More like Daffodils with a good scent :D It's a strong scent but still very lightweight. I love the color because it reminds me of Daffodils. Also the picture with this scent is walking or biking to the city or back and you're surrounded by Daffodils. In my city (which isn't so big) we have 2,5 main roads going through it and in the middle one the borders between the bicycle path and the road in spring are covered with Daffodils. I think all the way to the next city :D I'll make a picture of it soon (they're almost ready!)

I've said to my mom on a rainy day would you drive me to the Marskramer (a "home goods" kind of store) because I was bored and needed to look for decor or something that could Spring up my room :) She said, lol no more scent candles. I stepped out of the car and suddenly thought hmm scent candles is quite a good idea :D  So I found this one and another one which comes next :)

Spring Summer Candle Haul marjolein kucmer yellow pastel pink purple bolcius aromatic lilac blossom lilas
Bolsius - Aromatica - Lilac Blossom
Again this candle doesn't really smell like Lilac blossom but more like Hyacinth. This is a stronger scent, the strongest of them all but still not heavy, it's fresh and boosting. I'm not loving the purple color much, but it does blend in nicely with pink. The picture with this scent would be after you've achieving something that is cleaning, organizing, or de-cluttering, You feel good, you've succeeded and the weight is of your shoulders.

This was the other candle I've bought with the yellow one. when I came back to the car (mom just sat there and read a book) I said; well I know you said don't, but you actually inspired me... tadaa! :D

Spring Summer Candle Haul marjolein kucmer yellow pastel pink purple spaas citronella summer blooms raspberry yogurt
Spaas - Citronella - Summer Blooms
I mostly hate citronella scent, but this one is almost like gone/covered by a delicious organic raspberry yogurt-like scent with fresh raspberries! It's so soft, summery and cuddly. I don't like hot pink so much but... because it's matt glass it makes it softer and blend better with my room. The picture with this scent is me in summer sitting in our garden, eating my organic raspberry yogurt with fresh raspberries. so simple, but so good!

The lasts scent candles I've bought, I was shopping for things I can't remember and the last moment I wanted to turn home on my soar feet in heels I thought; no wait! Check De Tuinen (Natural/ Organic skincare, food and etc goods store) for my Spaas - Sweet Musk & Amber candle "refill", but it was gone from the shop. Then I saw these candles, I've smelled them and looked at the price; They were from last year and were heavily discounted! So I got the last two :D

I mostly burn scent candles no longer than 30 minutes to an hours. Do you burn candles in your home, scent or non-scented? Plus only in the cold seasons or the whole year through? I hope you've enjoyed this haul & review, and I'll see you in my next!