01 February 2015

Super floofy Jofee + new toys + hormones and he's ill

jofee saccone joly maltese dog puppy 23 weeks old 5 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer floof fluffy pet shower 1
Sir Jofee
In this blogpost I'll share some cool and happy and sad news about Jofee from the past week. Starting with last Thursday; We discovered he had some weird rash/rough skin on his one paw and the vet said to wash him with special shampoo for hyper sensitive skin. This was too cute to be true...

jofee saccone joly maltese dog puppy 23 weeks old 5 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer floof fluffy pet shower 1
After shower look
Jofee is already used to bath time but the shampoo had to stay on his hair for like a long moment. So we took him upstairs to our shower. Jofee was free to walk and I already turned on the shower. He directly went over there and started biting it and hitting his head with his paw *there something on me, want to get it off* He wasn't afraid or anything just very funny haha. Then I'm massaged the shampoo in his hair and he kinda liked it I think :) Than after a while waiting and said to him stay; He started shaking from the cold, turned around and stepped  right under the ray of the shower to arm up again. This really created a "awwww" reaction :D

After rinsing him well I towel-dried him and then blow-dried and brushed his hair at the same time. And then he changed his name in Sir jofee haha! He looks so floofy. He looks like this often when he got in contact with water but after impossible to photograph because he got so hyper. No I've done it and succeed :D

jofee saccone joly maltese dog puppy 23 weeks old 5 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer floof fluffy pet shower 1
T0o much toys, still longing for more
Just kidding he was looking at my mom leaving the house. But the day before we visited our local thrift store for fun. I directly dived into the baby toys box to look for new toys for Jofee. So fabric eyes and no weird plastic things on it. The toys from the pet shop specially made for dogs he destroys and baby toys (those super soft cuddly toys) he find them impossible to kill. It's rare if he succeeds. If you have a baby puppy; get him baby human toys! These are the best plus most of them got little bells in there which they love. Also I got the basket with it to storage them up. What I really like about it, is that Jofee just steps in the basket to find a toy and he often puts it back when he'll get a new one :)

Age and behavior
He's now almost 24 weeks old (on the 3rd of February) / He's 5 months old.
I think he won't grow in length & height anymore because he now looks like his moms height & length. He does starts to pee on a specific bush in our back garden. Also he doesn't really does "it" with his toys but what he does do is when playing and biting in a larger toys like the elephant in the upper picture or crocodile in the picture down below; He'll lay down his little testicles on them and just sits there for a while lol Same thing he does with his football. He attacts the football and then he hangs over it, so the ball is under his tummy and his little testicles are hanging against it, checking it again and then he moves a little forward and start playing with a toy which is close to him then. This looks so funny when he does that xD

jofee saccone joly maltese dog puppy 23 weeks old 5 months cute adorable marjolein kucmer floof fluffy pet shower 1
Jofee is ill
Yesterday evening it started. He was farting real bad and I thought let's stay up until he wakes up for poopoos. I was super sure he had to. And then he got diarrhea :( After that he could go to sleep and that all went well. In the morning around 9:30 AM he started crying and so I started dressing directly but then he suddenly threw up, poor Jofee :( Then I took him out of his cage and took him outside for the rest and again diarrhea. He didn't wanted to eat his normal food, so I took out a can with food for dogs with this problem. I've bought this can extra from the vet the first time he had something similar when he was very young. This really came in handy. He did want to eat this, and he was happy to eat this. He's been sleeping for the rest of the day, on my lap, in his basket under my desk, in his cage. Somewhere save and close. On the picture his mouth looks brown; he just ate that canned dog food.

Update: He threw up all over again and 5 times and then he got diarrhea twice this evening. But he also threw up some hairball so I think thats the thing that was bothering him. He still eats everything from the ground and he sometimes bites in that round bed next to him on the picture. It was a mixture of human hair, bed floofs and autumn leaves. Let's hope that was it that made him sick and he'll be better soon.

Let's hope Jofee & I have a good nights rest