17 March 2015

A candle + my living hell story!

Spaas kaars citronella bamboo de tuinen haul review candle candles spring summer scent jaw story stress unknown
Perfect candle!
As you may have noticed I kinda paused (not stopped) blogging for a while. This happened because I got stressed by some personal stuff and after Memebox etc I kinda felt stuck on what to do next on my blog. With this stress (which is now over) came some side effects, which stayed and now are daily making my life a living hell!

First let's start happy! CANDLE!
In my previous candle haul you've seen similar pink candles like these. I went back to the store and look for more. Apparently they had a small stand for their sale items and there were more candles like these, YAY! this was the last one of this scent, the glass is a bit damaged but who cares. The scent is bamboo and I have no idea how bamboo must smell, but I love this candle! It's so light, fresh and soft!

My living hell!
So recently I kinda had some stress over complicated/future personal stuff etc. And like I've said before in short works on my blog before:
"Got a crappy dentist who kinda dislocated my jaw by making to thick and wrong fillings, ouch! Got new amazing dentist and she fixed my teeth and my jaw is fine again but sensitive."
I didn't told you the pain that came with it... I couldn't close my jaw properly for an half a year and when it was fixed my jaw, muscles, and nerves got really sensitive. I woke up from the pain at night. You can think of the pain similar to when to stretch your legs and you suddenly get super much pain in your calf muscle and the only thing you can do is wait to let that pain pass. Well that pain is in my jaw and does not go away just by waiting, I really have to take strong painkillers for it and it goes compared with bruised pain and stinging nerve pain. Yes that's a hand full of pain.

Luckily this only plays up when I'm in a heavy stress period and this doesn't occur often.
Sadly I recently got that stress moment and now I got this pain every day since then. Which is now 2 weeks. I've called the doctor because it only gets worse by the day now and instead of my normal painkillers, I now take the really heavy stuff which makes my fuzzy and lazy, but it just won't go away.

My blog
My blog is on hold for indeed 2 weeks. When I got this pain and fuzziness etc I just don't feel for it to blog, as you can understand ;) Also I did had some blog troubles to think about; what blogposts comes next, making youtube videos, new topics etc. But all those new things I want to happily go for it instead of doing it halfway with lots of pain. That's not fun at all. So I took some moments and still taking them to heal and calmly think about it. today I woke up around 5 am from the pain and took a heavy painkiller which. Later I woke up all fuzzy and now thinking I really have to write and tell you what's going on and why it's so quiet over here.

I hope you can all understand the quietness on my blog.
I hope I recover soon.