03 March 2015

Jofee and his Korean skincare routine video!!

*What she can, I can do too!*
Jofee developed a skincare sniffing obsession during my Memebox unboxing challenge. In this video you see him playing around with the Purederm Shower jelly in the scent; Cooling mint. He's save from the product inside, I made sure! Also I've added some "beauty text" to the video, looks almost real. For more information about what this sniffing obsession is and what he does keep on reading and enjoy watching my silly puppy :)

How it all started
It started when I took down skincare products downstairs to help myself review them for my Memebox unboxing challenge, which I've recently finished. I would sit at the table and he Always wants to stay close and was super curious of what I was doing and the funny scents he smelled. So I thought why not, play along. This i not thought he thought himself. He would sit beside me and I would open a lit of a product. Spread my hands from each other with in one head the lit and in the other the product container. Jofee would stand up with his front paws against my legs and sniffs the product, looks at me and sits down again. same routine over and over again. Not ever biting or licking the product. Also when he looked at me he kind of told me which scents he liked and which he didn't so much. He also hated the perfume roller from K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1, made weird face and backed away. and he love the perfume from the Meme's Pouch and he wanted to smell it again. After smelling everything I would take him on my lap at the table where all product where displayed. and he would find all the ones he liked much. Often this were the more flowery and natural earth kind of scents. He was in love with the rose edition memebox and loved the ampoule from the dessert box.

He and the Mint cleanser
When he smelled this for the first time, he started sneezing weird because it has a super strong mint scent. Then I put it back on the table and suddenly he stood against my legs looking at het product and then look at me with a weird face. So I took it again in my hands and he started challenging the product. Like holding his front body close to the ground and his butt still up in the air. I've closed the lit very tightly so he would be save. And rolled in the room. His tail went insane, it looked like he was making it dance, so fluffy and with elegance and so I took my camera and got his craziness on tape. his tail has calmed down short moment before I took my camera.
 So now every time you open something new, like skincare or makeup he is so curious and waits for you to let him smell it. After that he doesn't want to have it or anything, sure the mint was epic to him but everything else is just for curiosity and not that he wants it.

He and lip balm!

He loves the Holika Holika smoothie lip balm because he does taste it after he gives me a kiss or I ask for a kiss. Never thought of it so now when I apply lip balm, and he hears the click of it he comes running towards me and sits excited next to me. So what I do is tap a bit from the stick onto my finger tip, then he points his mouth and keeping it closed and then I pat the tiny bit on my finger on his lips. What he does next is sit back, licks his lips one time and then starts running around the house with his head tilt and his nose up in the air.

I think I have a very weird, but cute puppy.