26 March 2015

The Song of the Sea lights a candle

Time to relax
Today I'll share with you 2 amazing things that could make you totally relax. If you listen, when you see, if you touch, and when you smell then you know what I mean what I'm going to tell you in this blogpost. Yup, it almost sounds like magic but it's quite simple. 

Roots crossing the sea
The roots are not mine but they always feel like they do. When I was a child I grew up with Celtic and folk music, and lovely movies like The Secret of Roan Inish and Ronja Rövardotter in an anthroposophic styled home and living. When I see and hear anything from my countries neighbors to the left and above It reminds me of home. I have nothing with the old Dutch ways.

Hema - Aromatic candle in glass
€3,50 in NL and £3.50 in UK
When I smelled this candle it reminds me of an English afternoon pick nick with tea in a lovely spring dress with the scents of spring surrounding you. When I've bought it 1 hour later in the shopping centre I broke it in million pieces :(. I walked back to the store and kindly asked for a new one. The ladies there were so kind to me and gave me a free new one! I felt so lucky after. This candle really gives a light fresh relax scent when it's lit.

The Song of the Sea
This movie is a super cute animated Irish movie about a young selkie. I saw this movie and said to my mom and sister I'm going to watch this movie now, if you want you can watch it with me ;)
A short moment later we all three were sitting there very quiet watching the movie like we were hypnotized. This movie was so true and brought us back to our youth. I can honestly say now that this is one of my most favorite movies of all time. Also the music is very addictive and relaxing!

See quite simple
Buy a candle, watch a movie :)