28 April 2015

A view in my life

View in my life! cherry blossom view true sweet kawaii cute spring life update kucmer happy shopping
The view from my window!
This Cherry Blossom tree is really like 3 feet away from my window! It's a heaven to wake up in the morning and see the sun make the blossom leaves shine like pearl cotton balls. In this blogpost I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I've been doing lately if you haven't guessed it already and some other life updates :D

Beauty shopping! xD
Lately I've been shopping like crazy and I love it! It really became a hobby, more than it was a need before. Maybe you think where to stuff it all in your room.. well that's another part to talk about ;) Jolse has this amazing mother's day sale and I have placed 8 orders within this month already. I also have been loving to shop from Ebay to collect sold out or limited edition items and goodies from Etude House. "Need to build me a Etude House Shrine soon xD haha" and some cute pink strawberry room decor and goodies. 

H&M Shopping - Maryo Henreign lothbrokian!
I've been empty shopping the H&M store a lot and maybe I should do a Haul video sometime, because I think blogging about it is too much and a video is faster (do not pin me on this, I need to fight my camera first) Also I think the pieces I've recently bought are well matched for the season and for those who loves sweet girly details in their outfits. For the styles; I always seek special themes etc to find inspiration from and try to find similar or inspired pieces. My fashion style now is called Maryo Henreign Lothbrokian! Soon I'll share more about this ;)

Reorganizing my room
So I do have much stuff but I'm never happy with the way it's organized. Sometimes I need to move a table, a chair, open a door, open a box to get a bra! See that's insane, so I want to make live easy by making my room more accessible. So I've been moving and throwing away stuff like crazy and found out that we had an attic with some space left, lol. So I've moved some heavy boxes from a closed in another room upstairs and moved other stuff from my room into those closets! This means more room in my room! That's a lot of "room"! I've been very busy with this in the past week and therefore I haven't been blogging that much.

Jofee feels happy again
Maybe you've read it on Instagram already, but Jofee has been chemically castrated 2 weeks ago, because he couldn't live with himself so frustrated he was. Crying the entire day, couldn't play, wouldn't eat anymore, only was doing his crocodile, and walking around 50% of the day with a red "fire hose". It has been two weeks and already he seems more happy. He is playing like crazy, no more crying (only when he seems the mailman! xD) Eating again. Also walkies are less tense and more fun with running. First he would do his crocodile and then starts walking on the body and hold the face in his mouth after (Dead walk; slowly killing his prey) and now he takes the crocodile onto a cushion of his, then takes the crocodile between his four legs and turns on his back and start rolling around and is munching on the end of the tail. When done he start doing the dead walk again. I've posted two pictures of him doing that on instagram. 
The first one: super tired after doing it and doing the dead walk. 
The second one: When he just played and doing the dead walk.
ALSO you can see on those two pictures linked above that he has been groomed :)

Groomed Jofee by disaster groomer
 Shorter than two weeks ago I went to a groomer with him, he totally didn't listen to what I wanted my dog to look like. when he was done, Jofee didn't look like Jofee anymore. It looks like he wore a pants on all his paws (poodle like) He didn't cut the ears. Everywhere in his coat were gaps. He looked seriously 10 years older and like a female dog. Also he shaved all three of his private area's to almost bald and Jofee has lots of troubles with that. He couldn't sit because the tiny hairs poked him there and all those places looked red and irritated. I helped him with some special Honey cream (from the vet) and this calmed the skin down and made his short hair poke him less.

Groomed jofee by me!
The day after I washed jofee and sat down with him at 10 am and was done at 10 pm! I've cut his coat 2,5 cm shorter than it was to remove all the gaps. Also when you look at him when he was a tiny baby puppy, you see all hair is almost all at one length, So what he has short coat and long tail and ears is not a puppy cut. So I've made his coat everywhere the same length. He is a wild and challenging puppy but he totally accepted me grooming him for so long. After this day he also seems to love hugs way more than before. He's now often seeking to just give a kiss or hug. So I think in that long day He has learned how great calm love and affection can be :) So we both gained positivity out of that day. My Jofee looks like Jofee again and Jofee found the meaning of love :D

Epic dentist
Today I've went to the dentist because two weeks ago that made new pictures. This haven't been done since my last evil dentist. When I saw the pictures I looked at pictures I saw a spot and said "I knew it!" She responded that it was a gaping filling and it was not my doing. I remember that clumsy assistant from the evil dentist who couldn't get this small filling fitted and was working on it for an hour. So today I've went to get it fixed with no stress of fear about it. She gave me the anesthetic injection (no pain!) and the moment she got to work it took her 10 minutes! Sadly when I came home the anesthetic got the best of me and I fell asleep on the coach for the half of day :O (anesthetic stuff works weird on me!)

No package! Tomorrow overload?!
Yesterday was King's day in the Netherlands so everyone was free on Monday, so no packages either. Today everybody works again and I have a list of packages to come but none came today :O it said they would! But maybe because in the Netherlands we don't get packages delivered on Monday's. Then maybe because they say King's day is like a Sunday so maybe the Tuesday next would be a Monday. Logic? Tomorrow is a Wednesday and I hope to get overload :D

Pink DIY
Currently I'm creating something and looks like a fitting item for on my Etude House Shrine that needs to be build haha. I've taken a pink Etude House nail polish and started to paint an small old glass candle holder. It looks really pretty now, but not sure if the fire from a candle would melt it haha. Maybe it's nice for a led candle xD It's not finished yet but you can see the idea here a bit, on the picture is shows the second layer; far from finished! I think it's fun to do, because I was planning on throwing both items away.

Now it's time for Jofee to sleep and for me to watch the newest episode of The Originals, and then sleep! Good night or have a great day to you <3