16 May 2015

Hide!!! Short Etude House Haul update!

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay jofee maltese puppy dog
Today no mega Etude House haul blogpost yet... There was a plan to post both parts today, but the entire evening I got so distracted constantly (BTS, King Star, Shopping, Youtube name it!) Probably because editing all those pictures just took so long and a lot from my concentration. So...

I've finished editing all the pictures and they are ready to go. But it's now very late and already passed midnight, so I'll do that "tomorrow" 

He loves to poke his face in fluffy corners, could be between the couch cushions, his on bed or under your knees, and then goes hyper :D He's been doing this since he was a little boy and I held my fingers crossed he would never lose that cute habit when he would grow older... a lots of months further and he still does it YAY :D

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It's 50% me and my life and 50% Jofee :D

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!