18 June 2015

Random daily life updates

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 Random stuff
So let's share some stuff other than hauls and reviews, shall we:) It's really haul after haul, I know I'm a shopaholic, I don't need to confess that again, okay haha.

The picture above
This is a picture I've taken of my fake roses to test something, now I just needed a picture for this post and I thought let's edit this :) While editing I realized it's that time of the week... dust of your room lady! (see, there is dust on that right leaf :O)

Gardening today
This year I've decided to let my garden jungle a bit because I have my hands full with Jofee. But the jungle was too big and our mailman would get trouble reaching our house lol. It's a polite thing to garden for your mailman haha! Kidding, I was just waiting for a good day where it was cloudy and colder than the other days we've had. Today was that day and our bin is full of jungle! and snails,, I hate those!
Do you have green fingers or a fake plant? ;)

Jofee on Instagram
Maybe you have noticed but I´ve been spamming Jofee pictures a lot on my Instagram. Because I used to make a Tara blogpost from a "photo shoot" with text underneath every picture, but this was so hard to do and come up with stuff she would have to "say". Now Jofee is a puppy and does so much new things and with my new phone, which takes way better pictures than the last, it's so much fun to post them directly on Instagram with the matching text from that moment. So Instagram is my place to share stuff about me personally and lots about Jofee. So if you want to know more personal stuff you head over to Instagram for daily stuff or wait for a blogpost like this xD
What is the most common thing you post on Instagram?

My own review made me shop :O
Remember the BB Cream Shop haul & review and with me telling you how awesome that Etude House sweet recipe eyeshadow is...I've bought the two other colors yesterday too xD Am I making myself crazy or did I really want them... a mystery ;)
Does this happen to you sometimes?

I've played doctor Frankenstein
Yesterday I've thrown away lots of Jofee's broken toys and then I had a crazy fun idea. I've taken some weird and awkward making noise thingies from inside some plush animals and stuffed them inside his new cow toy (see my Instagram) and for the first time I have sewn it closed by myself and it looks really good! :D Normally I would ask my mom to fix Jofee's toys, I feel independent, haha! He's loving this toy, it's one of his favorite now! as I'm typing this, he's playing with it next to me.
Are you handy and "independent"? ;)

Changing my room or something
Recently I've been changing and moving things around to make life easier. I kind of always doing that but now I'm changing things seriously... Moved a box from a drawer to somewhere else to make room for 3 little cute lace dividers to storage my Korean makeup in. Only the makeup I've liked and tested recently from Memebox. Also want to make my desk into a desk instead of a "place your shopping stuff here" desk and maybe also into a sort of vanity... no room for a real vanity and don't want to lose my mom's antique desk.
How often do you change your room?

Kruidvat.. what?
Yesterday I've shopped bed sheet covers with a medieval look-a-like theme from a cheap store in the Netherlands and I will receiving it tomorrow. I wanted new bed sheet covers and I never ever want to pay too much for it ;) This is also a part of my changing my room.. not going medieval lol but just a tiny change ;) I hope it looks as good as on the pictures :D
What is your favorite theme of bed sheet covers?

GAMING - My first bloody game of my life is back!
Yes, within these past days I've been back into gaming again, because I've found the spirit to look and find some new games. In the last two days I've finished episode 2 and 3 from the game "Life is Strange". This game is so different from any other genre I normally play. But it truly made me cry and gave my Goosebumps! well that's something!

Just installed the "Witcher 3" today and I kind of like it but I don't like how they sort of move with a slow moment vibe or something. compared to Risen 3 and Bethesda games, their moments is soft, slow and awkward. But the scenery is nice and if I can loot cool places I will play the game haha.

Epic discovery... "Postal 2" has released a new expansion, it's been 12 years! This game is the very first game of my life that awakened the hunger for bloody, action and RPG games! I was 10 years old when I father showed me how he chopped of the head of his boss with a shovel in this game...The moment I saw that I said; go away dad I want to play now! :D Cute éh ;) True love for this game and after this blogpost I'm going to play it! :D
Do you play games?

Curling my hair
Lately I've been wanting to do more with my hair and straightening is kind of my only option. I've tried some things like strawberries curlers but those make my hair took sheepy. The curling iron from my sister was too big and my hair too soft, so it was flat when I was finished with the other side. So now I've planned to buy the Remington CI2725 Anywhere curls. Well hopefully this works :) 
What way do you love to style your hair?

TV Series
Recently I've finished Black Sails. I came across it and thought, could be fun, probably be boring... After 2 episodes the love exploded for this series and then I knew. Of course I love TV series like this! how can't I? One of my most favorite games is Risen and the movies I watched over and over are Pirates of the Caribbean lol! This series is truly so epic and I think just as good as Game of Thrones even though you may think not.. Shocker after shocker :)

My mom and I recently started watching the Series Salem and we only need one more episode to watch and then two more episodes until season 2 ends. This series is very obvious but to beautiful and Walking Dead gross like! Really worth watching!
What TV series do you love at the moment?

Copper crazy
My sister has been loving room decor with copper and I said hmm I think this color doesn't match my room or my personality...well it does match and remember my strawberry obsession... it really hit me again this time and now it's copper! and I'm so lucky because lots of copper stuff have Hexagon shapes, which is an obsession forever!! 
Do you have a crazy obsession?

I hope you've enjoyed and know me a little bit better :)
Feel free to answer the questions below in the comments if you like :)

See you in my next post!