25 June 2015

Share your Blog! ♡

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Here is your chance!!
Hello sweet friends, readers and beauty lovers! I'm currently updating my blog-reading-list with all my favorite blogs. But this list is more than 2 years old and I really want to fill it with your lovely blogs! So what's next...

Just leave your blog link in the comments down below (even if I already know you!!)
If you like you can describe your blog a bit :)

http://marjoleinkucmer.blogspot.com I'm Marjolein and my blog is mostly about Korean hauls & reviews from my crazy shopping sprees. Sometimes you see some personal lifestyle posts which I intend to do more.

I need you!
This kind of post is originally called "Spam your blog" to give people to opportunity to share your blog and so other bloggers can get more readers. So enjoy this moment on my blog and hopefully you do gain more readers... BUT most of all I really need your blogs for my personal favorites list, so I can visit you on a daily basis!!

PS: I'll be reading all new and "old" blogs tomorrow, It's very late now 
and I really need to do some shopping before bedtime... habits ;)

Thank you very much already!!