21 July 2015

BB Cream Shop - Lioele Haul & Review Part 1

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger Body Scrub Grapefruit pop tint pinky orange
Part 1
All items in both parts are from a Dutch Korean cosmetics store called BB Cream Shop! Recently I was offered to freely try out some products to then share my review with you all. I was quite surprised and happy about this. To save on shipping I've ordered some extra items too. In part 1 I'll discuss the three items I've bought myself and in part 2 the items I've received from them to review. All items are from Lioele. I'm so excited, are you ready for the review!?

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger Moist Creamy Body Scrub Grapefruit 2
Lioele Moist Creamy Body Scrub Grapefruit
€15,95 / 300g / Link to product
This 4 in 1 body scrub with grapefruit extract works as a body wash, body scrub, body lotion and body mist and is available in assorted, delicious fragrances like coconut, grapefruit and powdery. It hydrates, soothes and nourishes dry and rough skin. This mild body scrub cleanses the body from impurities and removes dead skin cells and flakes, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. With natural seed oils it moisturizes the skin and with crushed walnuts helps to gentle exfoliate the skin, and it´s suitable for all skin types, especially the dry, rough skin.
How to use
Apply a proper amount on your wet skin. Massage the scrub into the skin gradually, paying extra attention to dry and rough spots like elbow, heel, knee etc. Rinse off with warm water.

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger Moist Creamy Body Scrub Grapefruit 2
Recently I've been obsessing with grapefruit beauty products. Grapefruit scented products are just so refreshing! So this product being a lot of my favorite things already before trying it out; 300g of product, cute pink packaging, a body scrub!, and grapefruit! When I opened it, the scent was so super strong as in it reaches far. My sister was in the kitchen and said; "my goodness that smells amazing!" The scent is so soft, and heavenly and refreshing! It does have that grapefruit effect but softer, like a hug lol :D The consistency is like a body lotion. Think but it runs (see preview on my hand) Although you see the crushes walnut pieces quite well it does feel like a soft body scrub, almost suitable for a facial scrub. It spread super on the skin and leaves it very soft. I think it's good for every skin type but really perfect for sensitive skin. I always use body lotion or whatever body moisturizer stuff i can find after showering but this time I only needed a thin layer (else it would feel too much for my skin). It does feel a bit weird to use this product when you're in the shower, because it looks so body lotion like haha. But it works super good and lets itself wash off very fast. I would repurchase this again, but I think in a different scent; I've quite curious to the coconut scent!:D

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger pop tint pinky orange
Lioele - Pop Orange Tint & Pop Pinky Tint
€7,95 / 8g / Link to product
This long-lasting non smudge lip tint gives a pure and natural look to your lips. This lip tint is easy to apply and soft on the lips. It's moisturizing to protect your lips from dehydration. It's available in three colors; Orange tint, Pinky tint, and Cherry tint.
How to use
Apply lip tint on the lips using the brush. Apply a second layer to intensify the color.

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger pop tint pinky orange
I had high, high hopes for these but they slightly disappointed me because I expected something else. I already had the Cherry tint which is one of my most favorite lip tint in my life btw! So I wanted to grab the other two colors too. I've reviewed the cherry tint here if you want to compare the picture, you really see difference. The consistency of the cherry tint is way thinner than these. these are more of a creamy type. Also the taste of the cherry tint is more like a chemical bleh taste and these have more a soap touch to it, and the cherry tint's packaging is made from glass and these from plastic. so actually a totally different product. What is the same it that you hardly can build up the colors. You apply one time and that's it with all 3 tints. So let's judge these two tint like if I didn't knew the other one. The orange tint is almost the same color as my own. The pink tint color is quite nice and subtle. It does give a pretty shine to your lips without being greasy. The taste like I said is soapy, but as I always do after I apply lip tint is(TMI); I spit in my sink! Because the stuff is so runny you get it in your mouth. It stays on your lips pretty good, but not the entire day. You're good for a few hours or so. Well I have all colors now so I recommend the Cherry tint because that's my all time favorite! Then I would go for the pinky tint and not for the orange tint. But really the cherry tint is amazing

BB Cream Shop Lioele Haul Review Part 1 blog beauty blogger Body Scrub Grapefruit pop tint pinky orange 2
Free gifts!
I always love samples, a good way to try out new products! Thank you very much. Also the extra eyebrow pencil is super cool! I love it! 

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Click the picture above to visit the web shop!
This web shop is from the Netherlands and will ship worldwide! Here is a link about what the shipping costs are, etc. They give you free samples, they ship safely and have a very good customers service!

Do you have products from Lioele? Any favorites?
I hope you've enjoyed this review :)

See you in my next haul & review!