30 September 2015

The HORROR stories are true... btw I'm BACK!

The HORROR stories are  true... btw I'm BACK Wisdom teeth tooth review beauty blogger comeback fabulous ysl
Remember this?
Two weeks ago I took this picture right after my two left wisdom teeth were removed. I've had the right side ones removed last year and that went peanuts. Someone also told me it was going to be easy and that I shouldn't listen to horror stories because they were unlikely to be real...

BTW this is a non bloody story, so no worries.

Before the Horror
So a while back I stopped blogging and just paused myself on the couch until the 16th because my mind "setting" didn't wanted to be creative and active; it just wanted to stress and watch YouTube etc. Even though when I thought about it I was super calm and knew what was going to happen every step of the way.

Back peanut story
Last year I had my both my wisdom teeth on the right side removed. This went peanuts: got anesthetics and when he pulled and I just heard one tiny little sound and thought: oh no here we go! I hardly could finish that thought and he said that's one gone. Super surprised and happy that it was that simple. 2/3 days of nagging pain that I could silence with a painkiller.

The Horror
This time I got my anesthetics and waited. Then he said let's check if you feel something. I said I don't think they are ready yet because normally I would feel me entire lower jaw tingle all the way to my chin, now it's just a bit tingly close to my wisdom teeth. He kinda ignored that and poked my skin and asked do you feel this and I said no. I trusted him that he knows best (surgeon and all). He started at the bottom one and I heard that familiar tiny sound and "AAH!" ...and he continued ..I said: "stop!" and he said; "no you are almost there." This sound had to continue 5 times + "AAH!" every time. Then the upper one 3 times and lesser "aah!". When I got up I was all shaken up and kinda in shock.

The selfie above here was taking in the car on the way back I said. I was trying to look ouchy but fab... but if you look at my eyes they are still on in shock mode. Every time I think back of this awful moment I look the same out of my eyes and get the shivers.

After the horror more horror
If you know my mouth, jaw and teeth back story, if not here it is on short:
1.When I got braces; my front teeth roots shrunk (their "4 month during" mistake) Now it hurts when I bite on hard things. 2.Got a new crappy dentist who kinda dislocated my jaw by making to thick and wrong fillings everywhere in my mouth, ouch! 3. Got new amazing dentist and she fixed my teeth and my jaw fits again but my right side is highly sensitive and easily over stressed. Can't eat hard food anymore. 
Then you know I'm having a hard time eating now since I can't eat on the left side. Sometimes the pain on my right side is even worse than the 2 wounds I had/have.(they are so far healed and don't hurt anymore.) My right side of my jaw still hurts like hell every day and night. It comes and goes the pain. So the question you may ask is; why doesn't this stop since you are almost healed you can eat on the other side again... Well I don't feel the inner half sides of my next 3 teeth (counting from the removed ones) both in the upper and lower jaw. It's like I chew with someone else's teeth.

The HORROR stories are  true... btw I'm BACK beauty blogger comeback fabulous hm jofee maltese puppy no naps
Jofee plays Lion King = No naps for me
These two weeks and still, it all makes me so tired and sometimes I'm forced to nap for 15 to 30 minutes when I have a pain wave to let the painkiller do its job and force myself to relax (which helps!) But of course this little loving monster is everywhere where I am. He wanted to give me a kiss and suddenly figured out he could see my mom on the other side of the room this way xD

The HORROR stories are  true... btw I'm BACK beauty blogger comeback fabulous hm jofee maltese puppy naps
Holding hands
This was shortly after when he realized I was going to nap, so he naps too. This picture is taken by my sister and we both where really a sleep. I really just crashed into this pillow and forced myself to sleep while holding Jofee hand. 

but... I'm BACK!
What does this mean.. I'm still in pain often but overall I feel better and more active and more everything. Sadly I can't pick up fitness yet since it would make the pain worse now. But I'm already more active since a few days now and shopped like crazy with my sister yesterday. Today I've treated myself with a new haircut (goodbye 10 cm!) I have so much amazing items awaiting my blog comeback; really, really amazing, you would really be surprised to see this on my blog! :D I'm super excited! 

See you soon again and again!